TSN – Top 10 Bad Math Moments

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After DeMar DeRozan got the team’s record in London mixed up and was called out by Kyle Lowry for his terrible math, SportsCentre rolls out the Top 10 Bad Math Moments.

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Keith Sears says:

Do people actually watch the CFL? I'm kinda annoyed with seeing so many CFL highlights

杜浩飞 says:

they are not bad at math, they are just stupid

Matthew Chandler says:

I don't know jack about golf, so could someone tell me why there's a limit on the number of clubs (or maybe club types?) one can play with? Do you get to choose, or is it set by the course? Is there a type limit or only a number limit, or perhaps just a use limit? It seems so arbitrary to me.

Kyle Vigna says:

i mean 19 lololololol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kyle Vigna says:

9+10 is so old magic man. by the way its 18

Nino Martin says:

% super duper1 festive incompetent what's your opinion about it !!!

Aaron Bloom says:

5th down game for CU Boulder. Probably wouldn't have one the National Title in '90 without it.

Jason Moran says:

Chris Webber???

FacePuncher1337 says:

What about the Flyers last night against the Bruins? The Bruins scored why the Flyers had 4 players on the ice even though they weren't shorthanded.

FacePuncher1337 says:

I hate the Pittsburgh Penguins. See why on my one and only YouTube video.

Self advertising for the win!

mitchel caballero says:

So is there 12 men on the field in CFL? Because that team calls their fan base the 13th man

Caleb Botts says:

they totally should have had the 5th down travesty with Mizzou vs Colorado.

Sam Cox says:

what about the fifth down play?

Xavier Perpetua says:

I remembered the rough riders vs alloutes game it was sad

UnWanted Guest says:

Haha the panthers coach had a drink or two before the game

Mr. BO55 says:

I thought it said Bad Meth Moments lol

John Henrici says:

That Panthers one….how hard is a line change in the pros, honestly?

TheMagicMan says:

What's 9+10?

J and J “clash of clans” Clash says:

Can You do a gaming channel

Chives5150 says:

Milton Bradley is a fucking bum.

JustMokoty says:

first dickholes

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