Software Inc: Season 4 | Part 1

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Software Inc. is back! This time around, Crapple’s stepping up to bat! This should be good!
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Jordan Harrison says:

Crapple. Love it! A perfect representation of Apple.

Carmel Powell says:

That moment when your iPad screen is locked one way but your iPad is the other way and you can't be bothered flipping your iPad over

Story Time says:


GiddyGoatGaming says:

Dat Giggle Doe

Geoff Gefferson says:

When you put the table on the 45 degree wall you said it didn't look quite right, but you can change the grid to fit it. There is a lot of grid options to aid with building.

PersonWhoPlaysGames says:

"Did we seriously Release something that made no Money?" Gains 3.6 M -Dies of Laughter-10/10

Procast Kieran says:

Do a modded series

Paragon Gaming (Alex) says:

You see no money one second, Now you do!

Charlie Hume says:

U should call your next visual tool Hipster Editing ;)

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