Question: Is Computer Support Or Web Design A Better Career?

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I’m 36 years old and was considering getting into computer support or web/graphic design. I have some technical ability as I have been fixing computers on the side for a little extra cash (very little) and I have had artistic ability since I was a child so I think I could feasibly function fairly well in both fields. I have an associates degree in business and did well in a web design class I took at community college. I also recently inherited some money which I could potentially live off of for a while while studying. What would you do in my situation? I think I have some idea of what you will suggest but I want to hear you expound on it anyway.



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coreycache says:

best channel on the net! I'm currently studying front end development using teamtreehouse

Kadeem John says:

What's wrong with getting a A+ certification?

Legibus Solutus says:

Now, who gets paid the most, back end or front end?

doubleD241 says:

Eli, I am in the process of receiving my bachelors in computer science, I have a cheapo 150 dollar chromebook right now, would I need a better/more powerful laptop for all the programming and specialized things I will be doing? I'd prefer to put linux on my laptop as I absolutely hate chrome os what are your thoughts?

ARainsby says:

$40,000 for wanting to learn PHP? Not enough…

Chirag Nayyar says:

Thank you Eli!!! I agree with your advice

iKubz UwG says:

why do u always 'take the piss' out of A+ and N+ ?
kind regards
Dave ;]

PapermilkGaming says:

Hmmm to be honest "Web Design" is no better a normal person nowadays can jump on and develop a professional website in a few hours which would take an experienced coder weeks to do. When I've looked for jobs Desktop/Admin support far out number the amount of web design roles listed.

Cabhan Listis says:

Dear Eli. Is Windows 10 a spyware program?

Gregory Gutknecht says:

Eli I have to disagree about computer support. I guess computer support needs to be defined. A desktop support Specialist can bring home 60-80 thousand dollars a year which is not chump change. If asking can you be a millionaire from computer support working for someone else then you are absolutely correct the answer is no. However a web design professional is not going to be a millionaire either.

Sogosam says:

Great advice! What's your reason for not recommending San Francisco?

zazen69 says:

More sage advice from Eli, keep it coming!

S Shotts says:

I think your young enough to go to school and be a designer as you have the
ability with art, However, you could still do computer tech on side. Just
my opinion and Im 67 years old. The reason is where you have funds now or
not its better to have them at my age then when you can make money.. You
never know if an accident should happen God forbid. I was a vet tech
working cattle when a 65 I beam came from nowhere and it me in the head.,
They said cattle did it, well a steer didn't do it, my husband left me due
to disabilities and I live on much to nothing., Stay in school learn as
much as you can.. Good luck to you and save as much as you can.,.

Jimmy a Geek says:

Eli My Video is Showing in Recommendation, I So Happy

Allocated Brain says:

Ugh.. The way you said Cleveland sums up my reality perfect.

I'm not Dan says:

so my question is, web design, or programming for applications etc

TwilightMoon777 says:

First! :)

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