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SciShow Space celebrates the Falcon 9 vertical landing and looks forward to new missions in space! Also– are globular clusters a good place to look for extraterrestrial life? Find out in this episode of SciShow Space News!

Hosted by: Caitlin Hofmeister
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Pigeonlarva magoo (Pigeonnlarva) says:

Big alien believer, but im not arguing about their existence. Iv always asked ppl : why does it seem that scientists and others searching for et life never talk about or take into account the lag time we see from earth to any planet. IT takes 8 minutes for the suns light to hit our eyes, so it would take insurmountably longer if it was coming from any other solar system. Theres a good chance we have SEEN a planet that harbors life, but the lag takes so long that when we see it, it was possibly from before they had technology and life on that planet was primitive. But no scientist ever seems to talk about this, not on any documentary ive seen debunking OR supporting life, and i fucking live alien documentaries

RODNEY383 says:

Why do people thumbs down knowledge ?

Monkeyb00y says:

The deployment was a success however the vertical landing on the ship was not. Per Elon Musk: "However, that was not what prevented it being good. Touchdown speed was ok, but a leg lockout didn't latch, so it tipped over after landing." Source:

Karp Calmari says:

SpaceX fangirls are all over youtube with their whining.

Anyway. I do hope SpaceX makes the landing on that floating boat. But I'll give them credit when they actually successfully do it(not to mention that they have to redo it with exactly the same first stage rocket again and again).

Jeffy Samuel says:

when they said january 17th, I x'd everything out and turned on the live stream

Cubinator73 says:

It was just 3:30 minutes before launch, when I heard of this second SpaceX start :D

Joseph Gutter says:

So why can't they just use parachutes to recover the falcon 9 booster and why do they have to land it in the ocean? Can't u just time space flights so that u always can land on land?

Cruel Angel says:

Rockets going into orbit then coming back to Earth then landing in the manner that is the reverse of taking off, i.e. 1950s science fiction rockets, wow, maybe the jetpack is not that far away anymore?

Abhijeet Malave says:

can you guys make an video on a leap year in a simple and easy way?…

joshua fiddy allen says:

i like you

Sub_Uber says:

It crashed. RIP

wgt3623 says:

Professor Tournesol (or Calculus in English) had already figured out how to do a vertical landing before Neil Armstrong did his famous step. I guess he is a forgotten genius.

Bronson Stephens says:

What if SpaceX were to put thrusters on the drone ship too?

Farul Haziq says:

can u explain more about nemesis?the sun evil twin

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