Let’s Play Software Inc Alpha 7 – Part 6

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Maybe nighttime development isn’t the way to go.

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BabyHead Gaming says:

When you make a Phone Operating system call it Flab-Droid 😛 because of Flab OS in last Seasons lets Play

Brandon Young says:

I wish you took the time to Design the second building. It was kind of a bummer when you just copied and pasted the original one.

D3MN VoIdzz 3 says:

the crapple store

D3MN VoIdzz 3 says:

you should a bridge from the one building to the other

D3MN VoIdzz 3 says:

call a store, fmart or flib, flab and beyond


Build a bridge

danielroxheaps says:

Build a bridge over the road to connect the 2 buildings =)

Ashlee YT says:

Fix the diagonal Windows on the new building! And u think you should definitely build a bridge

blarghvie says:

OS: No Edge

danielroxheaps says:

Yass, finally =D

Nadja Wms says:

I forgot to build you a desk.. looks like I'll have to fire you. THANKA GUYS

TheOriginalJkry says:

Game name ideas

Five Nights at Flabbys
Flabby Birds
Rock, Paper, Flab
The Flab of Us
Super Flab Bros
The Sims

Queenie Brown says:

Game idea: Curse of Deligracy

Kai Hansen says:

Please redesign the marketing floor! (first floor of the original building) its kind of silly the way you left it! XD!

Jordan Eldridge says:

I believe OS Console should be worked on by the programmers and artists as well. That's why it's taking so long

MegaMatthewmiller says:

you should put a underground tunnel between the buildings

Paul-Andre Leduc says:

Nice office. but his it really Wise to just copy it right away.Rebuilding the ultimate reception then maneging and marketing then copying them one after tey other on top of each other would be a better solution.I mean lots of corporation do create a brand new building in order to sell of destroy they other one.The idea his to creat the best working enviroment. with the money you made it should be a piece of cake to do such a thing.well that just my though about how you build a new building just by copying the other. maybe not the best idea.

Georgia Chappelow says:

You should assign that whole building because they were walking across to you the toilets and lounge.

epicman786 says:

Macrohard store

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