Let’s Play Software Inc Alpha 7 – Part 5

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blakej72004 says:

Anti virus:Chuck NO NO

blakej72004 says:

Game Name: 1V1 Pro 0ne

T jep says:

The next phone game should be Digiliki.
Also it looks like your elevators are one tile off and are not connected to the ones below.

Jyri Tero says:

Because of that sped up I'm sitting herr and waiting for Software Inc speed build.

gigabyte gaming says:

The bathrooms had windows that's why they were complaining

MusicManChave says:

So those toilets definitely belong to Designers, not Programmers… haha

Damla Eryürek says:

Audio name: Flabtunes
Game name: Cities Flablines

จตุพร จันทสุรวงศ์ says:

I think the reason behind low effective is because when you adjust their work time for the first time (say from 8am-5pm to 5pm -0.00am) they will not shifting the work-time instantly result in 2 shift in 1 day thus make them tired as u can see from their energy stat go red all the way
this happen to me alot
sorry for my english skil

JEBtheGamer1 says:

How about CS Flab for a game name?

Pat ManDX (Patrick Robinson) says:

What was the music in the fastfowarded part called?

Hamza Farooqui says:

There's no privacy in the bathrooms cause there are windows in them

rob grewe says:

video game name idea Catrina Slayer

Tosin Ogunleye says:

You accidentally assigned the bathrooms to programmers when it's the designer floor, and the windows probably didn't help privacy. Also the elevator is on the second spot however on the floors below the elevators are on the first spot.

Patrick Patte says:

try to hire more maintenance, that should solve the problem :)

Dylan Rogers says:

Just wanted to say that thanks to you I got sucked into this amazing game and have started several companies, I have had 1 take off but lost my progress due to a bug in the game. Keep up the great content and keep releasing good software!

Pinksim21 says:

Game: The Sims: Chase Ignition
Anti-Virus: Adware Pro
Visual Tool: Flabigram
Audio Tool: Flab's Music

Cookie Boy says:

reset your game

Serious Bear says:

Flabimal Crossing: Let's go to the Zeuzy
(Or if you're American, Flabimal Crossing: Zeuzy Folk)

Catherine Lennartz says:

It probably doesn't help that you assigned the bathroom to programmers on the designers floor… at 50:55

Gabrielius Kaminskas says:

Game: Flab-Man: The Rescue
Visual Tool: DoubleX Pro
Audio Tool: EmpireXL
Anti-virus: VirusNoNo
Game engine: ZebraPlug
Operating System: Turtle – Limited Edition

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