Learn Math for Kids | Adding with Monster Trucks by Brain Candy TV

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Learn about adding with this super fun educational 3D math cartoon for kids featuring stunt-jumping monster trucks and colorful buses! We’ll learn two different ways to visualize simple math problems for grade 1 and kindergarten students while we add up buses for the super cool monster trucks to jump.

Watch Part 2 where we’ll learn about subtraction with more awesome monster trucks!: https://youtu.be/t6eqTn9Sapg

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This video is transcribed for the hearing impaired and for translation into any language – perfect for learning English and for ESL students.


jose ortiz says:

this is so good my son love this an learning

Jerry Lam says:


willardo mesa says:

Soliven Kids videos.com

Bounce Patrol Kids says:

Great voiceover, very exciting! Love the new video Brain Candy TV! And THANKS FOR THE BILLBOARD!! Haha yaaay!! :-D

Rainbow Learning says:

Wow, awesome animation again! Thumbs up!

Colonial Concepts Log & Timberframe says:

Kids should love this – good work again Michael – if you make it fun for kids, they're more apt to enjoy learning. Great graphics!!!!

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