Kerbal Space Program – Let’s Do More Science – 2nd Mission, 6000 Science

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Following up on my Minmus/Mun mission I perform an interplanetary mission to Gilly, and then for good measure I fly by Eve, Duna, Ike & Moho before returning to Kerbin


Amand Trevelyan says:

That's ridiculous, how do you land on Gilly, fly by Eve, Moho, Ike and Duna, get 6000 science with the parts I could only use to strand Jebediah on the moon and then just be like, "Cool."

Harrison Wells says:

What would you do if you crashed on planet kerben after four hours of exploring and collecting science and you lost all of your science?

YULitle says:

Am I the only one who watches Kerbal SP videos, see someones rocket get into LKO and then have the thought "That thing isn't going to make it very far." But IT DOES. What Am I Doing Wrong?!?

The Game Nerd says:

He can do this on his second launch, and I'm on my 100th launch, in SANDBOX mode, and I haven't even been the the Mun.

Mário Ďuráč says:

[science fucktouples in size]

Gothem Kaleidodoge says:

meanwhile im having trouble getting to the mun on my 50 launch

Gaurav Ghosh says:

the fun IN career/science mode is to get science and with your least parts go as far as you can and get more science but what to do if you have Completely unlocked the tech tree ?

Egy Ember says:

oh god! you are the king of ksp! :D

Gaurav Ghosh says:



Ninth Shade says:

Scott is the very reason kerbonauts need to unionize. "Sorry Jebediah, we're not going home. We're going to Moho instead!"

I can imagine Jeb sitting in there, watching his beloved Kerbin pass by during the gravity assist, "No! It's so close! Please, land me!"

After 2200 days in that capsule, Jeb will never be the same again.

Echotic27 says:

What fuel tank are those?

Dani Paunov says:

"BoSSMariiO BoSS 1 week ago
 Pls help me! If I transmit data from goos and science jr. it makes them inoperable. Why, and how can i fix that?
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How exactly can he do that, when you disabled replies?
BTW, in new versions, the Science Jr. and Mystery Goo are inoperable, after transmitting or collecting the data (and in 1.0, you can restore functionality with a Scientist. Before 1.0, you need a Mobile Lab)

BoSSMariiO BoSS says:

Pls help me! If I transmit data from goos and science jr. it makes them inoperable. Why, and how can i fix that?

Moved Channel says:

1000 comments! This has been claimed 1000th comment of this video.

Lolzibarzor says:

Holy fuck man! My brain just melted down…

angel blaze says:

thanks scott this was actualy the video where i learned how to do inter planetary flight

Just Another Guitar Channel says:

holy shit thats alot of science…

Eric Gonzalez TM says:

I spent 3 days working on what you said, but i got it all in one mission

Tarmist25 says:




He didn't sleep well!

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