Foundation for Responsive Web Design Tutorial – 1 – Getting Started

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TheMalni says:

I can't tell you how much I enjoy the way you explain things, it's just such an easy way that understand everything with your tutorials, thanks!

Julio Barrios says:

What's the lenguage used?

Juan Salinas says:

5:06 what program are you using?? thanks

Rafi Benkual says:

I love how you describe the basics that most people assume is known. On behalf of the Foundation team, thanks for putting this great video out!

imRohit46 says:

Bucky!! When do you going to update this new responsive website?
I have to say,It is killing!!…..#awesome.

BeerHuntor says:

How do you get all those modules? I can't create a static web, as the only option i have is java, maven, and groovy?  Help please ??

EDIT: Nevermind you need the ultimate edition of inteliJ to use this feature, which is a paid licence.

Hristijan Ilieski says:

What's the difference between this and Bootstrap? Or it's the same?

orange18 says:

what if im using notepad++ how am i supposed to use link foundation

Nikhil Deswal says:

plz upload tutorial  about django framework ,also data structures and algorithm…?

AgentCell says:

+Arkham Doge So would you recommend learning bootstrap for functionality or support? What about for beginners learning responsive web design for the first time? Foundation or Bootstrap?

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