Algebra Basics: What Are Polynomials? – Math Antics

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This video introduces students to polynomials and terms.

Part of the Algebra Basics Series:

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AcidGamingHD Gaming, Tutorials and More! says:

What sound effect was used at 1:04

Flaming Wolf says:

very helpful thanxs

Zaxxro says:

Lol this guy can explain more things in 11 mins than my teacher can in 40 mins. 11 mins and I pretty much completely understand the topic! Thanks m8 you earned a subscriber

M y M Vondy says:

This really help me because I wasn't getting anything on school thank you so MUCH

rosa maria says:

really thanks rob your videos are very helpfull

seth moore says:

Nice vid but should go slower

Lueng Wattanakiri says:

i love math antics the best video in every one no none sense music.

Imtiaz Hossain says:

The fact I can get it right away shows you are an excellent teacher

Imtiaz Hossain says:

I'm pretty sure that that last comment wasn't written a 136 years ago

Gurpreet Singh says:

Good, I like it.May I know the application software you have used to make the animations!

TopHat Productions says:

Dont worry you can allways watch the video again to understand it (aka GIVE ME THE FACKING YOUTUBE MONEY!!!!!!!)

Donnie Cook says:

I wanted to take a moment to thank Rob and Math Antics for making this math so easy for me. I'm 48 y.o and am studying for my GED and he has really made it so easy for me..
thank you Rob

arh90 says:

thank you so much for these videos. 5im taking my ASVAB in 2 days to enlist in service and I graduated college 5 years ago. I needed a serious refresher course for formulas I dont do everyday. these videos were so much better than burying my self into the 4 math books I brought home from the library

Dibyalochan Sahoo says:

Best math teacher you are

Milo Wilson says:

Very helpful, thanks.

Yerfshii njogu says:

It was easy to watch this polynomial guy

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