Adult Math | Creature Talk Ep. 152

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Join the conversation as it quickly turns from tragic deaths, to Vana white, to very sensual Adult math 😉

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AmadoMayday says:

So is Joe a hipster?

Alice Alive says:

Aron is me

BiotreX says:

Guys since there's still a podcast…Why don't you guys invite special guests…or maybe former members as special guests!

CornCob73 says:

You guys should put Dex back in these…

Sir. Bananarama says:

I love uncle Tommy he's so fucking hilarious!

rowyal says:

that tattoo will ruin jordan's life omg even just explaining it would weird out someone, like the explanation that he did it because of bad luck with CSGO cases wouldn't exactly make it less weird.

Savi Hernandez says:

love artist Joe and Dan, too awesome ❤

Ben Holt says:

FAVORITE Creature Is WaterBottle

Ben Holt says:

I Was Steampunk For Halloween…Literally My Profile Picture XD

Mastersateverything says:

I just wanna know what Dan and Aron were doing when Aron had his head in Dan's crotch, lol

DzStorm 21 says:

When's the next creature talk

Hank Hill says:


Reaper Edits says:

If Artist Joe ever comes on creature talk again I'll fucking kill myself

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