Expected Biology / science MCQ questions for SSC CHSL, CGL part 1

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Sankhari pradhan says:

sir plz bio mcq upload ki gia

Jawed Iqbal says:

add some more video
.. thnx

Elisha Paul says:

Extrodinary explanation

Elisha Paul says:

Please post more questions

Somesh Das says:

this is one of the best explanations given some of the biology ques,,,,,sir your efforts certainly helps us,,,,pls upload more vdos


thank you …plz give more questions

Reuben Kompa says:

more videos please

narayan singh says:

very nice sir ..uplod more videos

Ajeet Kumar says:

excellent please make next video of it

Raj sekhar says:

very good..make the ext part as soon as possible..

ruhi chowdhary says:

thankyou sir…explained well. plz upload more videos

rajiv kumar Rai says:

NIce sir, please make next video of Biology

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