Breast cancer – Symptoms and treatment

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Breast cancer is the most common form of cancer in women. In this animation we explain what cancer is and how it can develop in the breasts. Furthermore, we describe the different symptoms that are possible signs for breast cancer and the risk factors associated with this disease. Furthermore, we name the different types of breast screening methods (such as mammography) and the treatment options that are available.

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Light the Sexy Goddess Yagami says:

I'm twenty-two, and have been having some of these symptoms for years, now. I probably will die young. But, it's been more than five years, now. I was sixteen, when redness and itchness happened. And my breats, shurnk with weight loss. But now. One is loopy, and saggy over the other. I'm scared. But like I placed it. More than five years. And been to the doctors several times. They always say, it's inflammation and you'll be fine. But, I can't do anything much. They probably can't take me seriously, because of my age. But I did have an early menstrual cycle, have history of cancer in the family, and took birth control (for hormonal changes). Seems like, even the doctors want me to be wiped out. 

Strawberry Lol says:

hi im 10 almost 11 and i dont know if its puberty but somwtimes whwn im breathing just under the end of my rib cage i hear a funny sound like somwthing rubbing together and it only happens like 1 a day or 2 is it bad because i also fell pain in my back on the right

Poppy Baldwin says:

Can kids get breast cancer like early pubity

hellfrgthyju says:


Mark Samios says:

So the treatments are surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy. What's the objective of these treatments? To spread the cancer everywhere in the patient's body?

thenameisSonam l says:

Hi I am 21 years old. It's just that my breast are small in sizes and some times it pains, mostly after sexual intercourse. Is it normal?

Caden Bush says:

My left nip is always hard and hurts when it gets touched

Stormy TV says:

I think I might have breast cancer?… It feels like a have a tiny metal ball in my breast?

Immortaldawn587 XD says:

I need advice mine is slightly reddish and my aunt had breast cancer

Nina SSO says:

I have breast cancer..

Ravi kumar says:

please tell me doctor breast cancer what type of disease

Jesse De La O says:

Cancer can go sick my dick

Carolyne Nabimanya says:

I breath in and feel sharp pain in my right breast and am worried,why could this be?am 36 and this has been going on for three days,advise please?

Doll Movement says:

Am a kid in get a pain near that area in my arm but it's in my area but upper and no anything but pain that's all no other symptoms and I dunno how to tell if u have a lump

Andrea Neeve says:

Is it normal if one Breast is smaller than the other?

aiam dulay says:

I accidentally suck the nipples of my girlfriend then it started to hurts and get red. is it going to breast cancer???? please answer..

Melissa Mitchell says:

I'm 18 years old and I found a lump in my breast I can't really tell if its movable or not like when I press it it does move slightly… I'm under so much stress I don't want to have breast cancer I'm so scared 🙁 my arm has been hurting too and my anexity is on a whole level! I went to the doctor and they said that there's a lump and told me to come back in 2 weeks to see if it gets any bigger but I just want to see whats wrong with me now 🙁 I'm so tired of worrying

B Raja kumar says:

Vestige distributior Rajakumar
Help you good luck
Thanks u 

Omar Elkhatib says:

Hello everyone, I am a student from Cal Poly Pomona, a few students and I are trying to raise money for breast cancer awareness. We have a go fund me page and any small donation of even a few dollars will help tremendously! Breast cancer hits home to me as my a couple of my family members have been diagnosed with breast cancer and are now cancer free! As I mentioned any small donation will help. Also under the comment section if you can comment the name "Omar Elkhatib"! Thank you for taking the time to read this! Please thumbs up this comment so more people can see!!

MuambuleBoonina says:

Idk but I have this sore feeling under my "Breast"" so idk if it's cancer or its just normal,I'm a male btw

Bruce Wright says:

Cannabis cures breast cancer far more effectively than anything else ever found. However, because cannabis is a natural plant it cannot be patented. The medical establishment is making trillions of dollars from their cancer treatment business and have suppressed the truth about Cannabis which can easily cure breast cancer, even Stage 4 breast cancer, and do it within 90-120 days. Check out Rick Simpson, Dennis Hill, and any number of the thousands of testimonials from folks who have cured their cancer with cannabis, the greatest plant in human history. Do some homework on this subject and you will soon realize this is true. Our current medical establishment is perhaps the most corrupt and heartless business on the planet. They allow innocent men, women, and CHILDREN to suffer and die when the effective and economical cure is readily available…CANNABIS. Wake up! Stop this madness! Protect yourself and your loved ones from these greedy and heartless bastards in the medical establishment.

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