The mathematics of love | Hannah Fry | TEDxBinghamtonUniversity

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Dr. Hannah Fry is a mathematician and complexity scientist from University College London’s Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis. Her work revolves around exploring the patterns in human behavior and applying a mathematical perspective to tackle a wide range of problems across our society. Alongside her academic position, Fry is passionate about sharing the abstract beauty of mathematics with others and demonstrating its importance in our modern world. She has a broad portfolio of media and public engagement activities from schools outreach, math-themed stand-up comedy, YouTube videos and public lectures. Fry also regularly presents the Number Hub strand of BBC Worldwide’s YouTube channel, Headsqueeze.

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Levi Griffiths says:

When you realise how much she says "ERM" it really winds you up haha

HeLpLOstGOdAny1 says:

liking the mathematical synchronicity 333,333 views

T Berry says:

I start to wonder if Dr. Fry is using an algorithm when she is both planning and performing her presentation as she displays a humorous rhythm.

no says:

I could listen to her for hours.

Witold Banasik says:

Riveting, funny and witty show !!! Thanks a lot !!! Though, equations have little to do with love, some basic math behind a charming lady can do the ricks, that's for sure !!! Cheers, guys !

Tont The Tonk says:

Hannah is the perfect women, its undeniable, I wonder how she feels about this love for her

John Gowers says:

Why I don't have a girlfriend: Hannah Fry is already married.

Jim Evans says:

Met my perfect partner at 14 so glad I did we have been married 15 years, looking forward to growing old with her.

Henrik Klausen says:

Well, lets face it face it. The universe is mathematical? Well, I don't belive that is the case.

Henrik Klausen says:

If you do math on life, all your problems will disapere. Look at Hannah! She look healty to me :-)

Henrik Klausen says:

Hannah! you are very ugly. Can I invite you out? :-)

CaptianAwesome says:

Poor Hannah, she is seriously funny but so many times the audience just wouldn't laugh.

Inoisa Castillo says:

low negativity threshold!! thats me! it means that you only need a little bad thing happening to feel the need of talking and solving it, it means that you care very much. I agree with this. The problem is when you have a low negativity threshold (need little bad thing to react) and you are with a person with a very high negativity threshold ( somebody that let pass a lot of bad things without react, and just hold inside the bad feelings, lack of interest in solving things because think are not a big deal until everything explote and is ruined).

boltar2003 says:

Good lecture. Shame about most of her jokes falling flat – I thought they were amusing. Guess the american audience didn't get them.

karatechop123 says:

i'm not trying to undermine your intelligence hannah fry, but being ugly does NOT work to your advantage for dating/relationships. scrap that theory.

Simon Dabbicco says:

How many probabilities do I have to hook-up with this beautiful red-headed mathematician?

Jerry W says:

I wonder if she shouts math during anal sex, ' 15% HARDER,Go in all the WAY! 100% 100%!' Clinches, has an orgasms and says that was quiet the solution to my needs. LoL

Christine Liu says:

Damn, I just rejected the guy who was marginally less terrible than the first 37% of guys I dated. Guess I will be alone forever and live with cats for the rest of my life.

Isolated Queen's Pawn says:

Hearing women talk about love is like watching a monkey drive a car.

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