How The Flu Shot Works (And Why You Should Get It)

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If the influenza virus changes each year, does the flu shot even work? And what is the flu vaccine anyway? Trace explains.

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Ricardo Soto says:

i got my flu vaccine today!!!!

MrShadowfox456 says:

can't take the flu shot i might die in fact probly a high chance of death

Benton Krause says:

This is propaganda aimed at youth.

commode7x says:

These comments are mostly made of Illuminati conspiracy theorists that believe that vaccines are meant as a means of mind control, eugenicists who feel that anyone that isn't born with a perfect immune system should just die, and extremist Luddites that would rather risk death from disease than living with modern medicine.

zack “McTutorials” leffue says:

Why did the cdc put out a warning last year that it didn't work what did they do differently? Last year I got the first round of non working flu vaccines and it was the one year I got horribly sick.

Kerr Wilson says:

im getting the flu vaccine in a few days at school but i dont want it because last year i didint get it and i did not get the flu i still dont want it because everyone at my school last year was being sick from it

Gamingonmcpe says:

I got my flu shot today and for the 2nd time it didn't hurt as much as I thought it would its like a mosquito bite except it's not numb and YES mosquitos numb the place they're sucking the blood from and then they pull out a blood vessel/vein and then they create a hole and then drink the the blood but after a while it should start to get itchy…

GanaXE says:

sadly enough flu was faster

Scott E says:

So scrambled eggs keep me from getting a cold too? Maybe a new reason to have more respect for chickens.

Jacob Kamphus says:

Nope. No thanks, injecting ones self with snake venom to become immune to snake venom is actually viable. However, I prefer to just not fuck with snakes. I'll keep those needles as far away as possible.

Unknown says:

No no no, you've got it all wrong! ALL vaccines are immune suppressing, meaning they affect immune function for a period of time and can make some people more susceptible to coming down with a viral or bacterial infection.. The chemicals, adjuvants, lab altered viruses and bacteria and foreign DNA/RNA from animal and human cell substrates in the vaccines may compromise immune system function and depress immunity — that is the trade-off you are risking.

ninjagamer3383 says:

What about the mercury, and other toxic materials in the flu vaccine 

unitedwestand50 says:

My mother-in-law got so sick from the flu shot. I have never gotten a flu shot, and since I started eating healthy and supplement with good vitamins I haven't had the flu. Our body's own immune system, with the proper nutrients is smarter than the doctor guessing.
Rochester, NY had the hospital so full this year with people who got the vaccine, but they guessed the wrong virus. It didn't work.

ThaLoneWanderer says:

I don't get flu shots and I don't intend on ever getting flu shots. I spend time around people with flu during flu season. I know I get the virus because I sometimes feel slightly weaker for a couple of days during the flu season. That's as far as my sickness ever goes. No fever, no symptoms, just a couple of days of slight fatigue. Freshly squeezed lemon juice and honey is all I need, not some mixture of impotent microbes mixed with chemicals, heavy metals (not mentioned for PR purposes), and egg.

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