Ep 2: The 5 Stages Of App Development

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Building an app isn’t easy. There’s no ‘Get Rich Quick Scheme’ involved in building an app.

It took Instagram over 3 years before they got it right, and years later they’re still improving and updating the app every single day.

Before you start planning your early retirement for when Facebook buys you out, there’s a lot of work that must go into it before you can even think about the money.

What we discuss in this video, is the process that is involved when building an app.

This is often a grey area if you’re not in the industry.

Hopefully if you know a bit more about what’s involved, you’ll be ready to put in the hard yards and you won’t waste any of your precious time or money.

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Robert Hosking says:

Hey guys – you gotta work on your sound quality on these vids. It will help a lot. I'm gonna like and subscribe anyway just becuase I like your style – but improving your audio will improve your likes/share counts.

Thomas Marshall says:

Hi guys love your videos and the overall concept of the channel. My question is.. What are the merits and drawbacks that one should typically consider when making the decision of whether to sub-contract work for their application through freelance developers versus the likes of reputable web/app design firms? Cheers!!

prashant gangwar says:

Thx guyz….u solved a lot of problems for me….very gud videos nd spot on content….keep it onnn….CHEERS

Janice Gurney says:

I really like your ideas and presentation. However, this episode was very difficult to hear compared to episode 1. It was too echoy – perhaps you need some sound-deadening materials in the room. I missed a lot of the content due to the poor sound quality. Thanks!

Ahmad Mohammad says:

I have a great idea for an app but i need to know what's a good company to help me develop this app as i'm a 17 year old high school student and i have potential investors!

Vishal Jethwa says:

Hey Guys!! Video presentation is nice! But how about few specific examples in this short video .. like finding competitions.. any specific method that you would recommend other then google..

Josh Miller says:

Good stuff guys. You pretty much summed where a lot of our company's thinking is currently at.

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