The Evolution Of Robots In Movies and TV

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Robots are fascinating. This video—using the amazing Scot Park’s illustrations—shows the evolution of these amazing synthetic characters in movies and TV. (check his art out at

Producer: Jesus Diaz
Animation: Elisa Solinas
Production assistant: Erika Audie
Illustrator: Scott Park –
Music: RetrosonicaTV


Thuto Melo Pheto says:

where is Alpha 5 from MMPR? or the T 800? or the lil girl from Small Wonder?

Espresso City says:

what about D.A.R.Y.L. in 1985?

Teemuslayer says:

Seriously now, Terminator 2 came out in 1991, not 97.
Also no T-800 and thus The Terminator for 1984?

Marcelo CRUZ MELLA says:


blackblackfire says:

Что за хуйню я только что посмотрел?

Ха Ха says:

It's not the evolution, it's just some representatives

Руслан Дадашбалаев says:

да и еще 200 летний человек

Руслан Дадашбалаев says:

Где ЗАЯЦ из "Ну погоди" =)

Jo Ables says:

гривус не робот

Aidan Dare says:

That is NOT evil Ted…. that is the good robot Ted. Evil Ted looked like Ted.

fiachrahackett says:

bmo didn't appear until 2009 in the second episode of season 1 "evicted" he isn't in the 2007 pilot of adventure time

Akco says:

Wow so many spoilers.

iCaptawesome says:

Where is T.A.R.S. from the movie Interstellar?

ikemasen yo says:

i missed megazords and evas im glad to see the iron giant here tho

unc0nnected says:

Wrong Cylon. that one is from the original BSG from the 70's

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