A day in the life of a marine biologist

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Footage collected as part of a PhD project on reef ecology in Port Phillip Bay,Victoria, Australia


Andy Xiong says:

Is becoming a marine biology a handful like you have no social life? Is there parts in the job that people hater please I want to know all these things.

Cooper Creel says:

Hello. I'm 16 an planning on attending the University of Hawaii at Manoa for Marine Biology after highschool. Can I email you a couple if questions if you don't mind? Any advice is appreciated.

Argonian Smith says:

Cool work

Paul Carnell says:

For most marine research you do. However, if you work in the inter-tidal zone, or deploy collectors/equipment from a boat or jetty, or if you're an oceanographer then you can still do marine research without getting in the water, which does sound counter intuitive!

Ben Fox says:

To be a marine biologist do you have to go into the water ?

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