The best dual SIM phones (2015)

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We are rounding up the best dual SIM handsets money can buy this season, for the times when one Subscriber Identity Module just won’t cut it…


Navin Rajkumar says:

lenovo p70
dont buy it

jaymz ghostrecon says:

for fuck sake, u will swallow your tongue
sigh , most likely indian or punjabi


Pravardhan doijode says:

which is the best dual sim smartphone ?

Ora Et Labora says:

What about Samsung Galaxy A5

crumcon says:

my fav reviewer on PA. much better than that guy John VEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE gay 

Isslem Boucenna says:

I have the CONDOR C7 : dual sim 4g lte connection , 5" HD resolution screen , so thin and so light : 6.2 mm , 127 gramms , Snapdragon 400 1.2 ghz , 2gb RAM ! , 8mp/5pm cameras , and the weird thing is that the 5mp "front camera" has flash ! got it for about 230 dollars

Jennifer Lorenzo says:

Lg G3? Is that here in the US as well?

Rainyboy says:

Asus Zenfone line up?

Youssef Qassem says:

Lenovo Vibe Z2 Pro (K920) is one of the best dual SIM phones in the market

Dexter Jalagat says:

I like the easy sim swap in Nokia phones :3

Zhivko Ganev says:

What's about Prestigio 5508 ?

Abdullah Muhammad (BinZehefa) says:

What about Samsung Galaxy S5 dual sim
This is the best dual sim card phone until now 

Felix Lau says:

Another fucking weird slang from phonearena!!! Get the real american reviewer for God's sake!!

Zine-eddine HAMADOU says:

what about samsung sm-b312E???

Egli Zyka says:

ASUS Zenfhone 2
dual SIM 

Gede Soetedja says:

A lot dual Sim phones missing here such as M8 dual, xperia z3 dual, note 4 dual, s5 dual

Marawan Qadry says:

you dont talk about lumia 535

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