Nexus 6p False Advertising – Teardown – Repair Video

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Smart Phone Repair Tool Kit:

Nexus 6p Screen WITH FRAME:

Nexus 6p Screen NO FRAME:

Replacement Camera Lens:

Replacement Frost Housing:

The screenshot used in this video was pulled directly from the google store on January 12, 2016:

Its amazing that a companies as big as Google and Huawei, can advertise and produce a product such as this. Many reported issues of power button bending from the plastic/metal joints:

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The camera I used to film this video:
The Lens I used for this video:
And this Metabones adapter:

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umar nawaz khan says:

I like the Golden color but it's sad Nexus 6P is build very poor.

Mesharyhd says:

clearly Google built this phone with the copy and paste method from Huawei old phones

Tech MD Youtube says:

Nice video as usual. I do have a few questions. It looks like you slightly damaged the plastic metal piece that sure what it is on the bottom trying to get that open to get under the screws??? Is there anyway to get in there without damaging it because if not I would have to let customers know that that could be damaged. Also I wonder if there's a solution for the glass issue. Maybe a miniature suction cup? It just sucks you have to damage The housing in order to work on this phone.

TheRedstoneVillager says:

Huawei will maybe improve with the next Nexus, since it's their first try.

wyndh@m says:

f*ck! i just ordered mine today!

unonice says:

Good Video .. figured my 6P build isn't all aluminum metal frame.. not surprised ..

Renzo James says:

Pls make a bend test about that

Jack Nunez says:

I noticed a lot of scuffs on your plunge edges was that from removing the screen and bottom piece

Ceqyan Zharif says:

All hail Lumia !!!

Alvis M says:

Hmm so it seems like realigning the bottom plastic piece won't be too bad.

Dylan White says:

And people complained about the iPhone 6 Plus. It's not acceptable for a phone to bend in a pocket but this seems much more likely to do that

Irfan says:

interesting , they just use main body as a skin of the phone and by tricking people and marketing they made great amount of sale …. thats what i call Chinese are smart

William Patton says:

watching this on my matte gold nexus 6p lol

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