My Top 5 Smartphones for 2015

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My Top 5 picks of smartphones that I liked in 2015 these are the top 5 picks of high end smartphones that were launched in 2015, I’ll also post another video after a few days with the mid-range devices that I liked in 2015.

My Top 10 mid-range smartphones for 2015 video

My In-depth reviews for the Top 5 smartphones

Google Nexus 6P
Samsung Galaxy Note 5
iPhone 6s review
Galaxy S6 / S6 Edge
Moto X Style

All of my smartphone reviews


Syed Azharuddin says:

Why you don't talk about HTC Models..??

Raj Kumar says:

what about Asus zenfone selfie pls help I planned to buy this

Yash Tulaskar says:

how is nexus motorola 6 why geeky didnt reviewed it guysss

PRANOY Paul says:

Nice video ranjit. Your videos are always helpful. Keep doing such good work.

Ramiz Raj says:

How much time Iphone 5s battery lasts on a moderate usage: ( 1 hr call, Whatsapp, listening music for 2 hrs, moderate internet surfing and taking some pictures)

meet nagshetia says:

LG V10????

Mustafeed Ali says:

i think that a8 is a good phone

raj says:

which one will you pick between Moto x play and Honor 7??

Nadir Muthu says:

Thank you for this, a very honest and practical review of all the devices. Normally you get people blindly saying iPhones are the best but you have proved otherwise.

Rahul Bangera says:

sir pls suggest me best camera phone with good battery life in flagship

mussab malik says:

sir lg g3 is better or xiaomi mi4?

andreamene94 says:

Hi, where do you place lumia 950 and 950xl?

x361DegreeGaming x says:

Save you nine minutes iPhone bye

braintrain5000 says:


Uday Parikh says:

Hi I want to buy new phone and I am confused between Nexus 6P or Moto X Play. Plz suggest. Does Moto X Play exibite any overheating issues? Thanks

nishank sanghavi says:

would love to have one!

Kunal Singh says:

Hey Geeky how iphone 6s can be better than galaxy s6, s6 comes with a much better camera than iphone 6s and it also has 577 ppi screen and 3 GB ram too.
Isn't it much to defeat iphone….????

Jassmin Ali says:

huawei p8.

Gopal Krishna says:

Hi Ranjit, Thanks for this video.. could you tell me which one among these two has a better camera. One plus Two or the Nexus 5X.. Iam pretty confused if I have to buy the Nexus 5X32 GB or the One plus Two.. Please respond

Martin Hjerrild says:

Man, I wish the 6p had a smaller screen for my tiny hands.. It's impossible to buy a phone without making some sort of compromise!

PrankStars BoYzz says:

i love your voice

Arnav Kshitij says:

My best phone is Xperia Z5.

Lazar Prabhu says:

Hey Ranjit,

I'm not a gamer, my budget is 15k, looking for good camera, audio output & smooth usage android phone, suggest me the best please.

Daniil Linnossuo says:

op2 !!!!

vigneswaran Arumugam says:

Oneplus 2 not in the list .. It should be included for its price and spec.

Anuj Belhe says:

try nova launcher

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