Logo Design Photoshop Tutorial

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Logo Design Photoshop Tutorial. How to make logo design in photoshop cs6
Stock: http://www.mediafire.com/view/kg8uasfic97ha4a/galaxy-wallpaper-HD023.jpg
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Naveleon says:

How do you get the text used for this?

Fakhru Bhai says:

i cannat type text why bro '

InnocenT ReiZ says:

Music gave me a fucking head ache

ChummChumm -_- says:

Hey, I have a question.. I made a logo for my instagram account. But when i choose the profile picture. it appears in real low quality. I tried other formats but it did not work any suggestions?

-UGK- says:

At 6:04, fill is not an option. it only has color

Vaibhav Kumar Chopra says:


gbProductionsOfficial says:

The music got me

Rich Riche says:

how do you make the animation in the beginning ?
Make a tutorial about it.

SK4T3RG4M3R says:

<– created kind of using this method…

Ayoub Miira'x says:

Thanks for this : )

Camry's AQW says:

heyaa :v

SharkOuttaOcean says:

Thanks so much!!

Just Roald says:

If alt doesn't work for you at 08:00. You can right click on the image and select ''Create clipping mask''. Thank me later.

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