Let’s Play Software Inc Alpha 7 – Part 3

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We survived a near bankruptcy, and now we have the money for all the things!

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SteveTheGamer says:

Can "We'll charge xx.99, because that sounds cheaper." please become the official series tagline? It's great.

spinba11 says:

Great video as always, can you put a link to your friends video where he made 4.000.000 please

danielroxheaps says:

Just make Dane a lead for the night OS team

Kyle Li says:

Operating System: OS El Flabitan

Chosen1Creator says:

Call an antivirus "It's gone! Viral" or an audio tool "Pitch Slap"

SUPER Cheezy Dibbles Gaming says:

Rollercoaster tycoon world comes out on January 11, 2016 at 11:00

J Brekosky says:

anti virus called fladobe

Tara Thomason says:

pls change those colours with that hard earned cash

Mary Alice says:

Green is not a creative color.

Hampus Gerestrand says:

Colour the building orange

Jan Rauschütz says:

dont forget to Upgrade when youre in the 90ies.

robloxblooper robotmario says:

Call the OS TacOS!

Veronica Koskinen says:

"Let's do a new visual tool"…. Puts in Antivirus -James 2016

Michele Cordano says:

Operating system: IOS XP

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