Best Logo Design Ideas 2

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Ashok Patel says:

sir which corel draw you are using ??

amcm mcma says:

Beautiful music and work thank you!

debjyoti das says:

sir upload some new tutorial on logo designing

Daiane martins says:

Eu adorei seus videos!!! muito obrigada me ajudou muito. super recomendo!

Toy West Kassange says:

Gostei muito da tua aula. valeu mesmo mano de Coração…

Naseer Uddin says:

Good 3D work and amazing sense "Skills"

Suliman Algabarty says:

Thank You!

Phuong Nguyen says:

Thank you so much.

Top Corner Football says:

Can you please make one for us?

seshu kumar says:

you are supb bro…nice tutorial

Antony Tharakan says:

really good one…thanks

Sultan Khan says:

You Are Awesome..

Indian Dude says:

how to copy circle???

Manish Kumar says:

bhai fntastic thnxx bro

OM PRAKASH Sharma says:

bhai amzing.. creativity .. thnxx bhai

Leone Landim says:

Estou assistindo seus videos, e são incriveis, eu preciso de um logotipo, para um blog de web novela, queria um logotipo bem colorido e que fosse com as letras NW pois o meu blog chama Portal Novelas de Web, me ajude?

Eleni Pereira says:

Parabéns, muito bom

2007Rodrigocs says:

Fantastic! Friend is amazing your criativity!

poncho lin says:

fenomenal maestro gracias por enseñar su trabajo

Amjad Ali says:

wow you are a real Graphics Designer.. 

Papa Nanda says:

Subhanalloh.. thank you brother

VladislavMCMLXXXII says:

So slowly! Such an easy example is to be made in 2 minutes, no más.

Aslam Ahmed says:

select the inner circle and send to front then expand

Fawwaz Ade Putra says:

what should i click to expand the object but the object still stay on the place just like what u did in 00:21

jan Dehwar says:

your are Genius Sir. Very Unique…..

Арам Чикнеян says:

Best Logo!!!!!Thank you!

Alem Kahrovic says:

Really nice tutorial ! i have a question Aslam.. can you make me please a dezent Logo with the name Proteinshop24 and some small details like a protein shaker or dumbells.. cheers 

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