Top 20 Astronomy Tips

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This video shows our top astronomy tips to help you get the best from your telescope and enhance your enjoyment of the night sky. You can explore any of the tips in more detail in a back catalogue of videos on our channel.

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Warning: Making telescope accessories out of cardboard could seriously damage other peoples wealth (Do they mean me? RJD)

A short notice on the topic of numerical inexactitudes.

Before some of you start thrashing your keyboards to shrapnel – yes, we know there are over 30 tips not just the 20 of the title! But we thought 20 sounded so much friendlier than 34! 20 is such a flouncy-bouncy sort of number, so much more rounded, less angular and awkward than 34. And we were worried you might not be able to stomach the idea of 34 astronomy tips in one sitting! But this means we gave you 70% more than you were expecting to get in the 18 minute video! Wow, this means you got two astronomy tips per minute — that’s got to be some sort of YouTube record!

Clear skies,


Presented by Robert J Dalby FRAS

Produced by A.R.B Media Productions for Astronomy and Nature TV


Mr.Mr. & More Mr. says:

Same as below.

Gerald Murphy says:

As a newbie this video is most helpful. Thanks for taking the time to do it. Having done educational videos I appreciate the time and energy it takes. There is a lot more going on than what appears on the screen.

TheMarat9999 says:

Good video. Very professional. Thank you

AddictiveSubstance says:

I am one of those 100's that did not take the second lens cap off of my reflector telescope… I blame the lack of mention in the owners manual… face has been palmed and I look forward to less frustrating observations.. thank you for this video.

SB Christensen (OnlyData) says:

The Swedish people only talk like that on The Muppet Show.
Det finns inget dåligt väder, bara dåliga kläder.
As a Dane I do know a little Swedish, and his name is Rulle!

Kasun Amarasinghe says:

Hi got a Orion 10" Dob and thought of going for a more easily movable scope that helps to take along while travelling. a friend recommended a Vixen R130Sf. I see that you know a lot about Scopes. Please let me know your thoughts on same. Cheers

DiamondSkyGunner says:

hey jeff some months ago i was observing the jupiter and venus and in the planet edges i was looking red blue green colors not too much but visible why is that ? can u somehow fix that prob ?

StarTrek123456 says:

Just use an ipod for those astronomy apps, and turn off all notifications!

nikt09 says:

Would love to know who are the 8 people (currently) who gave this a thumbs down. Probably my fraudster friends of the "Flat Earth" Guild. Great video!!!

Luis Uribe says:

Thank you so much, great vid. I though I'd return the favour. I use green/blue laser safety goggles for set-up and trips inside. They block wavelengths below 625 nm (red=625 to 740) and will help get to and maintain your night vision. I've tested this practice and I've cut down the time it takes to get my 'full' night vision back to about 10 minutes. I start wearing the goggles 30 minutes before I get to my telescope.

Arroway says:

Fantastic. I've learned a lot, and had a great time!. Thank you and greetings from Spain.

John T says:

Awesome video with some great tips!

Thank you!

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