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Robby Kraft is a man with a very apt name. He describes himself as an origami artist but he is also a fanatic of mathematics. He uses paper (often just one sheet) and his love of maths to make exquisitely crafted and amazingly intricate pieces of art. Once he has made his origami masterpieces, which range from Star Wars characters to animals to 3D mini-structures, he photographs them and puts them on his Instagram feed where they are enjoyed by thousands of followers. He tells Dan Damon about what he says is a renaissance period for origami.

(Image: Origami figure of snail with intricate shell Credit: Robby Kraft)
(Pattern designs by Robert J Lang and Ron Resch are included in this video)

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HindsightPOV says:

Dang. Genius.

lubu123q says:

looks very hard to do, I wonder how much someone would pay for one?

Chi-sa Lin says:

Why use "origami"(折紙)?…no Eng. word for it?? As "tsunami"?¿

The1316killer says:

I do this with tissue paper when I wipe my ass

Derman Derman says:

Origam is so sick. I was so into as a youth.

Bastian Buchmeier says:

muito fixe

Opinionated One says:

I aint got time to do anything with paper except wipe my arse

Ellie Aye says:

I am interested to learn. Will there be a tutorial on these origamis ?

shahidul islam says:


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