Mos Def – “Mathematics”

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Mos Def – “Mathematics” 1999

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Daniel Price says:

The flow, the lyrics, the beat and hook on this song are brilliant. It is one of the few Rap songs that can be called thoroughly, 100 percent brilliant, beginning to end.
It has a point, the title fits because of the dual meaning of the way he works through the numbers and the fact that some people just do not have the common sense to put two and two together and see how fucked up society is or do anything to fix it.

deontae Chandler says:

Two columns for who is and who ain't niggas

John Natale says:

10 motherfuckers need to learn how to add

Abraham Toure says:

mathematics is very hardcor!i like

Abraham Toure says:

mathematics is very hardcor!i like

Abraham Toure says:

very rap hardcor

Abraham Toure says:

you are the best mos def

Abraham Toure says:

best rap hardcorp for all time

Gabe Miniaci says:

Mos Def really is the whole package. He just has every quantifiable aspect of rapping on lock.

Maurice Moore says:

lyrical genius.

John Shields says:

This song is absolutely excellent. I love it.

SuperDaveTube says:

sick flow

Dale Smart says:

mathematics coming through two rappers on top ….one dead now were left with u…too buck shot beat mi ass down blue….Mos Def BEST ALIVE RAPPER FROM DA 3 stripes krew

Innocent Mkhize says:

Yasin Bay, M. O. S Mighty mos def


"Young bloods can't spell but they could rock you at playstation" real talk !

Fhebe Lola says:

I love this guy so much
Piece to my drizzay who ain't flat out on bizz out

E. Saludes says:

You wanna learn how to rhyme, you better learn how to add.

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