History of Mathematics

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WEBSITE: http://www.teachertube.com/math

An animated movie on the development of numbers throughout history.


lember leigue says:

gracias subtitulos en español

ashique-ur-rashid al-amin says:

why they called 1234567890 Arabic number system? why arabian, parsian babylonian, even indian(today pakistan and afghanistan) was so much advanced in mathematics in 8th century?

GPC™ says:

WRONG. (0:20 "changes in weather for planting…" Agriculture is from Neolithic not Paleolithic. {coughing *dumbass*}

GPC™ says:

WRONG. (0:20 "changes in weather for planting…" Agriculture is from Neolithic not Paleolithic. {coughing *dumbass*}

Jogender Pal Singh says:

woh!! nice

srihari chenagalla says:

Maths Technics are very nice

George Edwards says:

I was hoping to see how calculus came into being then complex numbers, then 4D number line (line? space?). Nice vid.

santhosh kumar says:

thanh u for creating this vedio beccause it is useful for us to do projects

vaibhav agarwal says:

the problem is math is just an abstraction and never can represent reality because reality is subjective not objective.For example 1 apple plus 1 apple is two apple, the value of two apples are in mathematical terms exactly twice the value of 1 apple but in reality humans value apple abstractly and never is the value of 2 apples exactly twice the value of 1 apple to the human mind, its just some apples, no apples, more apples, many apples to us that's how we measure things in our mind.To assume both the apples as equals is to assume every identical thing is equal for example according to mathematics all humans are equal, every model is equal to reality but models never represent the reality, reality is much more complex, yet it is very simple when it is not modeled for example if we make a model of the sun, it will become very complicated if we have to model the very minute details, but if we just try to understand the processes going inside and develop a qualitative and not quantitative understanding of things, because nature is full of variation and no two apples are the same.

iam god says:

I guess the maker of this video is a racist, who hates India.. Reason!!!??? He mentioned India only twice and no animation characters… The fact remains that India is the mother of mathematics… even our kindergarten kids would nail you western hypocrites… Come out of this denial mode and accept the truth

Equbal Hussain says:

Your video is misleading as it is wrong you slightly hinted update indian or sub indian continent contribution to mathematics yep we were the ones who created 0 to 9 concept of mathematics.. Without which nothing would be possible algorithms would not exist your ability to make such a ridiculous video on such a concept would not exist i'm speaking not typing therefore my punctuality will be slightly awry i am slightly tipsy also.. So in future if one is to make a video with such conviction undeniable truth evolution of mankind i beg brother i beg you choose your words truthfully nothing more and hope you give credit where deserved

whiterottenrabbit says:

How could al-Khwarizmi introduce the Hindu-Arabic numerals to North America and Europe? Al-Khwarizmi died 850, over 600 years before Columbus landed in a "New World". Are you sure you didn't mess up things?

Tycoon Bachra says:

Math is just measurement/identification
even though they are really the same thing.

Ngoc Dang says:

Wow! Cool…..

gig970 says:

Al khwarizmi was a Persian mathematician not an Arab,,, wrong info.
Sumerian and Babylonian also were part of Persian empire. 
just Google it before publishing your video..  
Thanks any way.

EmbraceTheSadnesss says:

It first began as a grueling method of torturing unruly children. 

Whatthe314 Fifa15 (DeanFifaStudios) says:

fuck i love how that guy holds that stick, it makes me wish i was a stick

Hammie Box says:

The Wiki on negative numbers reads, "Negative numbers appear for the first time in history in the Nine Chapters on the Mathematical Art (Jiu zhang suan-shu), which in its present form dates from the period of the Han Dynasty (202 BC – AD 220), but may well contain much older material." Come on… How do you fail at reading Wikipedia?

Gabriela G says:

I had a question to the owner of this posting – could I post your video's link on my site and give you the appropriate credits? Please let me know!

StrifeZack343 says:

inb4 people arguing about religion

mmcdonald043 says:

WTF? Math isn't an "invention". It's a progression of awareness that goes back from cavemen till the present. All knowledge is a cumulative progression of the thoughts and knowledge of predecessors. The Indians, Mayan, or Greeks didn't invent Math. They all contribute to its improvement.

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