Going to the Accupuncture it really works!

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went to the Accupuncture for my pain in my lower back and right foot, No more pain it really works.


shivanj1 says:

I've been doing it since 1995 for back pain management as needed.
I think it's the best. Had it done in Pa and NJ.

wtam69 says:

I've seen it done and thought you'd draw blood when you stick needles into the flesh but then that's not the case. You can actually do it to animals like cats and dogs, and even fish.

Danny Jones says:

I'm not familiar with american cars but what's that peddle on the very left. Is it the clutch? And why is it far away from the brake and gas pedals? Quite different from british cars. 

Qudos says:

Hehe, I watched it, I didn't want to see needles.  We used to call Black and White Police cars Panda cars. Blue sky just like over here in the UK but colder. 

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