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As you progress in your trading you will come to realize that the simplest strategy is often best. Trading with a simple strategy allows for quick reactions and less stress.

If you’re just getting started as a forex trader, you should seek the most effective and simplest strategies for identifying trades and stick with them.

This video outlines three simple forex trading strategies to include in your arsenal:
• News Fade
• Inside Day Breakout
• 2-Hour MACD Crossover

Remember, no strategy is perfect or will work every time. Get a free FXCM demo account to test these and other trading strategies before you use them with a live account.

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BladeRunner31415 says:

FXCM stop ripping your customers, the news fade strategy is a scam. Statistically how many times does the market reverse on a news release ? If you apply this strategy  to the standard day to day news releases, you are pretty much stuffed and your account will be wiped very very soon. Now here is the trick: Generally after the news release about 80% of the time the market will move in the direction of the spike. You wait for the pull back from the initial spike and once the markets holds at a resistance point and you see favourable price action, get in towards the direction of the spike keeping your stop loss about 20ish pips below where the market found resistance after the pull back. That's how you will have a chance to make some profitable pips in the long run.

TheFreakyShrimp says:

None of these strategies make a profit long term.Use them and you are guaranteed 100% to lose all your money in the long term.Short term you might be lucky and gain a small temporary profit.Do not try or you will be sorry.

muhammad nawaaz says:

i think it would be beneficial   grathaw trade predictions expert  search in google for forex trading trategies

Jpm King says:

If I taught how to trade I would run circles around this dude.

Margie J Wade says:

It looks too complicated to me if trading news like you.

SS85 says:

How do you setup the MACD with the two lines? I only get one signal line in metatrader.

Hay_Its_Jules_xx says:

Very helpful :)

Chris Dalton says:

This video was very clear and simple which is appreciated. Of course these techniques work some of the time, but I think they are a good basics for any beginner. Like.

Marko Basten says:

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Samuel Worrall says:

How long do rates take to return to previous levels after a major news event (where applicable)? Looking at some charts, it seems sometimes it can take many hours before a currency returns to previously traded levels. Is this the case?

ashik mahmud says:

that was a great  video .thaanks fxcm. :)

Tudor Renegade says:

 You stole my strategy !

Binary Options says:

Owo, nice video, good job. carry on bro.

Kerim Timirbulatov says:

Where to follow those News releases, and what kind of news are there to affect the market for example? please

David Aliyev says:

hi there 
on your second strategy whre is the stoploss and where is the takeprofit? 

subhashsapna says:

cherry picking charts to demo!!!. have you back tested any of the ideas you are presenting?

jeff denson says:

What time frame is he trading on the 1st and 2nd strategy

milom007 says:

Typical broker BS and illusion.

Steve invisible says:

thx for the strats. I like the macd strat. best but you don't mention the timeframe?   I think its the daily chart.also will look at the inside candle strat. but that doesn't happen much.

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