Sims 4 | Interior Design: Penny’s Apartment (The Big Bang Theory)

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Hi guys! How is it going?

Well a lot of you asked me if I could do Penny’s Apartment from The Big Bang Theory and Yes I can!
So here it is! I had some troubles finding all the suiting and fitting objects in the game, but I hope in the end it does look a bit like her apartment!

If you have any ideas oder questions, feel free to post them in the comment section below!
Also, If you would like me to do a specific TV or Movie related build or interior, please let me know.

Here is the link to Leonard’s and Sheldon’s Apartment 4A:

Thanks for watching!

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Khugan Sixtyeight says:

This build is making Sheldon cry. Well done!

The Movie Trailer says:

Rajesh, or Howards Apt next?

BrookeysSims !! says:

you should do Bernadette and howards apartment !

BrookeysSims !! says:

you just go yourself a subscriber 🙂 love your big bang theory builds!

LessThanZero Sims says:

♫♪ Math, Science, History, unraveling the mystery, that all started with a big bang. Bang! ♫♪ Fantastic job my Simsister! 🙂 I'm not a hardcore fan of the show, but do watch it often and you did a pretty fantastic job capturing Penny's apartment Simstyle..let's just say you Simproved it! :)

Violet Sims says:

So much detail! looks so cool!

Carolina Vila-Chã says:

OMG Yassss!

Monika Müller says:

Omg, this is totally gorgeous! You did such a good job! I wish I would have the game to download it! And one question, are you a guy or a girl? Can't figure it out by your voice?

bibi nobi says:

Great job! You should make a Sheldon and Leonard one 🙂 

Grown&Unsexy says:

I'm not a Big Bang Theory fan but this apartment looks fantastic! You're so talented.

BBQ PenguinWings says:

My favorite show! I love you even more now! Great job! 

elliskane3 says:

Oh my goodness! I was so pleasantly surprised when I saw this video! Well done +Simproved!!! It looks so much like Penny's apartment! 😀 

Sheldon: Well the only possible explanation for this is that the coffee table is having a mini garage sale! XD …Bazinga! :P

TheSimGirl says:

Omg! That's awesome! You should build Monica's apartment from friends! Or the caffe from friends!

ThatGuy 007 says:

Pls make Sheldon and Leonard's apartment

R5 Family Amalie 97 says:

this is amazing!! I'll definetly be using this in my game, good job :D

Lucy Dapenguin says:


Lila Builds says:

Aaaah I love movie or tv themed builds! I have done a couple before in the Sims 3. Right now I'm working on the Full House house (which is a beast and a complicated one). Very well done! Great cluttering :)

GSH Sims Builds says:

Good job! Looks very much like the original :)

ElleNadooru says:

Nein wie geil ist das denn?! Ich liebe TBBT!
Am Schluss dieser besagten Folge nehmen ja Raj und Howard den Sessel mit… wüsste ja gern was aus dem wurde =D
Dein Apartment wurde wirklich super!

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