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We take a look at Motorola’s Verve Life of gadgets, which includes a trio of headphones, a camera, and a dog collar.

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liu metivier says:

how'd the one's sound compared to the jaybird freedom ? or the bragi dash if you got to test those as well ? personally id love to see a comparison video when they're all released

Mitchell Ellero says:

I can't find the website

Robin Mathew says:

i wanna get those earbud

Mr Dope says:

e foarte fain cestia aiea

Twin's Channel says:

Please subscrime me!!!

patrick .wedow says:

Id lose those so damn fast.

yomiko tetsuo says:

ill lose them quick!!! not worth it!

justeeknow says:

Oh Linus is definitely reviewing these ….

LJezza says:

Verve one plus looks like it is a rip off of "the dash"

Advait Varma says:

I like how he says be kind to one another at the end just like my dad who left me when I was 5

Naomi Foster says:

likg it it looks like. brother mourn what's your opinion abput !!

Thomas Rose says:

I would lose those in 2 seconds

TheLastMssnger says:

Why cant we have skin colored wireless earbuds shaped like the Apple EarPods? That way I can get away with listening to music at work.

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