6 Wine Gadgets Put to the Test

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Vince Fernandez says:

Another wine hack: If your cork breaks or you lose the cork, you can always store the rest of the wine in your stomach! That way the wine will not go stale.

Jeppe77 says:

You might want to use that brown wine tap with the airrator :)

ColaDog TV says:

just saying you dont pronounce gadjet with a k. you pronounce it gadjeT not gajigikts. not trying to be effensive

Justin White says:

I just use my ice dildos too for keeping my wine cool

TheLegitNoob says:

5:41 thumbs out

Nathan Wagner says:

0:35 This looks like something people would walk around wearing at WineCon.

thebuisnesschickenTBC says:


Gabriel Boss says:

You Are Named Taras?

Michael Lie says:

shiraz or merlot?

Andrea Triglia (I Soul Snip3r I) says:

porco dio :D

kill illuminati says:

every hater that says he english is bad f'ck off
speak russian like him or me or like some other fellow russian then we talk

Francis Robert Dalida says:

3:24 wine dildo lol.

Kentt Blue says:

Thumbs up for the arenator and the vineseevah.

Francis Robert Dalida says:

wine got cheeks. dayum.

Tony Bermejo says:

did any one see how it skiped the 14th second

Herson Cruz says:

I knew the wine bottle was a girl explains why it has a dildo

Grant Conway says:

Cool off your wine and keep it cool, wow this is really cool.

AlphaWolfGaming says:

the first 1 doesn't look like its for wine… 8=D

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