6 Car Gadgets put to the Test

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E GamerXL says:

Liquids and phones don't go together.

Aidan Peters says:

He said boom 9 times. Boom

bongcrusha420 says:

lmfao wtf would somone make a cofe cup and cell holder in 1 for.. hit a bump and now your hpone is drinking your coffe too

ziga telban says:

"Let's chicky this awt"

Van Dyke says:

No offense but the tripod thingy only rotates 180

Zean Ira Tabudlong says:

you said really lelliy col

Glen Kusuma says:

why dont you just buy phone holder that can stick on car dash board or anything that madr of glass

Marcus Damberg says:


nawang ningrum says:

what car brand is that

MarioMafia says:


ItsAggy says:

copyer that's the same car my mom has

robert Parr says:

wot is a went

Chris Nivela says:

40% reviews, 60% booms

X35 Gaming says:

Number one would be perfect for über drivers lol

robert mathews says:

same phone as me

julio silva says:

I like number 3

Brandon Davis says:

Did u get a new phone??

Brooke McLean says:


Daniel Karaush says:

I'm the 1.111.111 click

Sai Malto says:

omg… 1,111,111 views

david trejo says:

If he did he would have made videos of them

david trejo says:

It's not like he has any kids

Ellaynia Graham says:

for any seed or sid

ben izrailov says:

Boom boom

Steven Diaz says:

I'm more familiar with R,1,2,3,4,5,6

MasterNinja007 says:

very cool "gadgickses"

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