5 Bacon Gadgets Put to the Test

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Main channel CrazyRussianHacker – http://www.youtube.com/user/CrazyRussianHacker


ohnoitsNONO says:

Omg I'm so hungry now

TheEpic Ninga says:

Bacon bowl did not work because the bacon had to much fat

Rvb Assassin says:

mouth is watering…

shesmine14 says:

the problem with the bacon bowl is you used bacon that had too much fat on it.

GameOn! Bench says:

4 minutes its where its at i like my bacon like that.

Loca Boom (pAinArRoW) says:

i think you are suposed to cook it in the oven maybe 🙂 not microwave

Phillip “Alkaris” Pether says:

Instant Microwave!

Dismay says:

I have to be the only vegetarian watching this

william taylor says:

On the bowl u didn't put enough bacon

Cathy Cook says:

Your suppose to put it in the oven

johbro10 says:

hey. nice man. can you plz send me a link where i can order that one you using at 02:30. plz!

Collin Klinget says:

dude I would love to help make this video bc of all the bacon eating

K Smetana says:

Did anyone else have a taste for bacon

Lettu Salo says:

03:42 with captions xDD

Booper Dooper!! says:

The plate took out all the grease

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