10 Cool Kitchen Gadgets Everyone Needs

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10 Cool Kitchen Gadgets Everyone Needs

10 Belle-V http://www.belle-v.com/
9 The MINI TIM3 MACHIN3 http://www.get3squares.com/
8 snug http://www.thinkhat.com/
7 The kitchen workbench https://www.frankfurter-brett.de/
6 Anton Strainer Bowl http://www.cavemanfactory.com/
5 pantelligent http://www.pantelligent.com/
4 trivae http://www.trivae.com/
3 Urbipod http://urbotanica.com/
2 dunkfish http://www.turbineusa.com/
1 golden goose http://www.goosegadgets.com/


Duc Tran says:

the music is way too loud

Miri Gaming says:

copy right bonanza!

Priyanka sodagar says:

i want that chopping board

Dinh Phan Quynh Chi says:

Why would u need a ice cream scoop when u could just eat right out of the carton, lol jk

Dailin Huang says:

All I want for Christmas.. is cool kitchen gadgets……!

Sarah Boon says:

all right.

i have waist my time

Byrd Crump says:

dunkfish's ad was terrible
i didn't know what it was until the last minute of the video, and it didn't really explain a lot of good things about the product. plus how are you going to drink your tea with something that takes up most of your cup's space? i drink my tea with the tea bag still in it i dont know about you guys and the makers of dunkfish

Thomas Jackson says:

28% faster…..someone is getting paid far too much to come up with that figure.

photeek chondro says:

These guys are mad and their products are insane.

Dina Ansari says:

What is The first song in the beginning

Lili Luo says:

What's the song at the very beginning

NexusEndgame says:

Pantelligent could acctually be preety useful for amateur or young cookers

NexusEndgame says:

the first one is ike the most useless thing in the universe

Eqa Ereka says:

Any body here coming from vat19 video

fabbeboii says:

intro song?

Gourab Nandi says:

The volume correction of the video is awful !!

Alechandro says:

this guy clearly never cook/been to the kitchen… fuckin useless shits.

8-Bit Chef says:

Too bad that guy still cooked the salmon wrong. You ALWAYS start a fish skin side down. A 'smart pan' can't tell you that. Interesting concept for sure, but actually knowing food and cooking will serve you better in the long run.

fall22123 says:

I just wanted to see the egg scrambler being demonstrated, not a bunch of animated videos and blueprints. I don't care how you made it, or came up with the idea, just how it works. You can share that stuff with you mom.

Jonathan J. Reinhart says:

These are just stupid commercials. Your video sucks donkey balls.

DanyBoy says:

Dust keepers, useless stuff. laughing all the way thru the video.

MrThekid650 says:

I love to cook and not one good idea here. Sorry

Jesscaaaa0 says:

I want literally none of these. I clearly wasted my time on this video.

Rhydocss says:

The Snug: because not leaving utensils in the pan is too damn difficult….

Nguyen Kody says:

the goldengoose is from b vat19.com

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