The Coca-Cola Friendship Machine Alternative Advertising Example

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andrew vogel says:

Please bring one to ubly michgan

Kelsey Vere says:

Well, that's dangerous!

Susila Hendri says:

interesting idea, placement would be the key
if you place this machine in (some creative people place) actually they will put a chair or a stair to get free coke

Иван Велижанин says:

Два яда по цене одного

shardul gatare says:


congee says:


Scott Tyrell says:

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Sarathkrishna V says:

plz implement this machine in india too

patrick houghton says:

Later that day 12 people died trying to help an American get a coke. The machine was later closed down and burnt… The end

S.A AKENE says:

hah this is life

paul mcgrath says:


Cassie Delaney says:

Need a bit of friendship in London UK

xlightnin13 says:

Why are you calling them idiots for buying a drink? They were thirsty so they used the vending machine to buy themselves a beverage AND they got one for free. You're confused

Many13 says:

Only watched two videos from cguerrilla and instantly subscribed

Senderoth Trollinski says:

Sucks for all the people that went to the mall alone just to grab something, and want a coke.

buckyafitch says:

We have this in GVK mall on second floor in hyderabad

chinit Heng says:

2 free 1 or 1 free 1 ?

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