If Advertising Were Accurate

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Check out this new dope funky fresh new episode of Booze Lightyear, homeslice. This week we explore the accuracy of marketing and advertising, and its effect on the overall global economy as well as the implications it has on us as a society. You’ll be all smart and shit after watching this video. Seriously, your IQ will jump by at least 75 points. True story.

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shas1882 says:

my favorite is AT&T and axe . I keep on telling people, it's pronounced "ask" not "ax". And I try to be pretentious about as possible. Nah, not really, but I try.

Danny Frias says:

ME: I want to die having sex.
BEST FRIEND: but then you wouldn't finish.

Thaddaus Leonard says:

fuck actor portrayals lying fucks

Mihail Nistor says:

are you gathering like that every day, or only when you are makeing vids?

Ameri-Rus Productions says:

This definitely has to be my favorite thusfar!  Thanks for the awesome shows!

Scott Langley says:

The Food Network thing was inaccurate. I have made things on the Food Network, but then again, I also went to Le Cordon Bleu

Dugaia Frost says:

The end add, I think we all know who that's directed to. XD

Ali Khan says:

"Facebook. Whats YOUR ex up to?"

Chris O'Rourke says:

"Christmas buttercookies for your sewing equipment" you know because when you see it and open it you realize its full of sewing material

Tristan Dowden says:

Who who who you took the taco bell thing to far I expect an apology xD

Cecily Jamelia TV says:

The best

Chris O'Rourke says:

this would've been better for Denny's: "denny's its not that bad when your hammered (meaning REALLY drunk)"

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