DJ Arch Jnr wins SA’s Got Talent 2015

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We have a winner! Six acts competed for the grand prize and after a nerve-wrecking finale on Sunday, 8 November, DJ arch Jnr was crowned the winner.


Lewis Green says:

heas 3 so i gota say heas good

Johan Coetzee says:

I wonder how many light green kids were overlooked to cook this win?

Stampy PlaysMC says:

FFS what is life anymore 3 years old….

Kristian Bishop says:

you talking about me eric

2 dudes 1 camera says:

1st the turn table isnt connected to the lap top and second the turn table disc things wherent spinning so this is clearly fake.

Mia Elizabeth says:

GUYS. He's turning knobs to make the music sound different at the age of 3! he's 3! there are kids who don't know how to talk, read or write by the age of 5, have some respect he was good for a 3 year old. plus he's adorable lol

Bráulio Sabino Salongue Figueiredo says:

i can't believe that a three-year-old child does it!

Bráulio Sabino Salongue Figueiredo says:

i'm already your faaaaannnnn

DJ Muzir says:

He's learning people. This is how we DJs start. We start small. We start from our imagination. Come on people.

Charles Gonzalez says:

though we all can clearly see that he isnt actually doing the song its the concept lol

jesse vazques says:

Fake he wasn't doing jack shit … What a joke

Charles Gonzalez says:

why must everyone be so rude about the whole thing, its a fucking 3 year old having fun with a turn table…. -____-

Kristian Bishop says:

All yalll haters

brenden115 says:

I'm sorry to the little bloke and I respect what he is doing but the decks are unplugged at 2:18 :/

Queen Eyebrows says:

I'm just seeing the comments and I'm just like WTF

Evan Barry says:

can someone tell me the name of the song at 1:00 please ?!

Ashton Snelgrove says:

All the knobs he was turning made no effect once so ever, I am a Dj, those knobs are your bass mids and lows, And the little switch at the very bottom of the deck was the volume/crossfader no way what so ever was he even "Djing" cute yes but this very advanced for a three year old and also the thing he was tapping on should I have looped the song

Janice Lieber says:

what does sa stand for

Shama Ashfaq says:

he is the best

Shama Ashfaq says:

he is the best

yeshvin pydegadu says:

I am a fan of you

yeshvin pydegadu says:

I am a fan of you

WesterFX says:

3:07 David Guetta??? xD

ariclenes guimarães says:

Please what´s the title the song 2:01 please….

good lah says:

wow amazing,,, goods

Moses Msweli90 says:

hau wadlala mfana omncane wonderful

TuxedoMusic says:

you know your shit when a 3 year old is better than u x'D

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