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Fire in the head says:

haha don't have to be an olympic athlete to eat like one… at mcdonalds. thats fucking crazy

ProWarGamer says:

potato unicorns and i am a genius.

seraph81 & robin81 (nicosergames) says:

you are teacher of english ?

Saifthebest01 says:

Lol. Enter text here.

Andrew O'Hara says:

Lol [Enter text here]

Heatblaze123 says:

media class anyone?

UptownCLTViolence says:

Hi samntion….care to take a look at the examples or race and gender bias on my channel? Their is an effort to use propaganda to emasculate the white male and to inflate the image of the black man in business and in society. Wondering why and who is behind it aside from the liberals on Madison Ave.

VideoAds4almostfree says:

thank you , great info!

Aud Rosu says:

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Michael Allen says:

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neonyoutubers says:

thanks for the video it was very informative and entertaining

Gary Hickman says:

Learning how to advertise your business if you want to succeed,this video shows us some, very expensive to produce videos. Most of us can't afford advertising using professional video. My company Open Space Advertising, who offer advertising at Tesco have produced a video for less than £1000. Enter, advertise at Tesco into Youtube and see, just how easy it is to produce an effective video at a low cost.

Pikachu says:

Really helped me out, thanks 🙂

fajitaboys says:

It's not so much about brushing as it is about flossing. Currently, 70% of Canadians have gingivitis… and its not really that big of a deal, but if you neglect it, it can worsen and give you worse gum disease. Most people don't even realize they have gingivitis, but in order to avoid and cure it, just floss. A huge amount of the surface area on your teeth is between them, and this can't be reached without flossing.

Jon Wallace says:

Brush your teeth Canada wtf…

T Farmer says:

If more than 1 out of 2 Canadians get gingavitas, then does that make 2 out of 2; or 1.5 out of 2?? lol

sulayman360 says:


noshabibis says:


Map Makers says:

5:07 so…. only canadians get gingavitas? joking, of course.

kobz mwaniki says:

one word…great

cleepro says:

I like how the top comment is an ad.

Josh Tate says:

Capitalism is simply the private ownership of the means of production. State ownership leads to starvation, depression and repression. The problem is the collapse of any agreed system of morals and ethics. Religion was a good constraint on immoral behaviour, but religion is in decline. Now we have betting shops and usury committing payday lenders taking over the high street.

Neseri2de says:

Garbage pushing garbage……………..capitolism will end and not too long away either. The square box in the corner may have bought the minds and souls of the masses for now but there's only so much revenue you can extract from the consumer and then it will end

SkyFirewarriors says:

it needs music

noel john says:

rocking video

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