3 Secrets To Master Marketing, Sales, & Advertising: Tai Lopez And The Business Book Of The Day

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I don’t care how amazing you think what you’re doing is.

If you aren’t good at marketing, sales, advertising, web design, branding, and persuasion, it doesn’t matter.

No one will ever see it.

Here are 3 tips to add to your marketing mix.

Whether you are doing affiliate marketing or advertisements for your own products, you will want to add these 3 secrets to your marketing plan.

Check out “Market Like You Mean It: Engage Customers, Create Brand Believers, and Gain Fans for Everything You Sell” by Al Lautenslager on Amazon.com at: http://amzn.to/1OTASHm


Serena Hollis says:

I am so proud of you and about you I am going to do everything that you suggest so happy that you are back in my life and will not let a jewel in the information that you provide and the support that you give slip through my fingers ever again 
Love you Tai and so grateful ………Momma Serena

Vegas Fruity says:

Love your videos!! Thank you!

brian donovan says:

was in i can't find it hahaha


Tai you changed my life haters gonna hate, need haters for success though.
nothing but respect for you man real inspiration.
Joshua McIntyre

muhaimi92 says:

thank you tai!

Andrej Volkov says:

Thanks Tai for doing these for us. Thanks for giving so much. Thank you.

Joshua Webb says:


Jack Napierre says:

Thanks for the value Tai. You seem sad in this video, hope all is well <3

Amber Davis says:

Great attitude, keep it item I I love new information

i- Lemuel says:

Tai can you make video on life balance

Henry Fernandez says:

Hope you think about it

Henry Fernandez says:

you should do a Ps4 givaway so people think of new products and inventions from games

Isaiah Allen says:

Its the new "Wish it, Want it, Do it"

Sim Tard says:

Hey tai I get confused on the issue of looking. Should I look with my head or eyes how much of either is appropriate does it matter thanks

Braden - Appnana Glitches & More! says:

You are a great affiliate marketer

Antoine Clerc-Renaud says:

Will look into it for sure! Thanks for sharing, Tai!

Marcus & Elijah Hinton (ManUp) says:

damnit Tai my company is valled Anamonapea. I just ruined me lol

Marcus & Elijah Hinton (ManUp) says:

I started a small business that we are launching first quarter this year and I've been focused on marketing and advertisement to get people interested in the product before we launch and he is right, marketing is underrated today. How do you think Beats headphones made it…definitely not for sounds

ER's Highlights says:

Waiting for one of these videos

Hamza Khan says:

Tai ,what can I actually do for you other then Thanking you.

Bronson Laureiro says:

Good stuff. Thanks for the summary Tai.

Mario Gino says:

Thanks Tai, value in every vlog! Don't let people get you down!

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