2016 Signals & Indicators of the Stock Market and Global Economy!

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2016 looks to be crucial as we lose the stimulus and attempt to maintain the facade without engaging in massive levels of deflation.
On the other hand, if we encounter deflation, the prospects of QE4 become more apparent.
If the stock market decides to take a nose dive, governments will react.
If derivatives become weak, and start to crash, you’ll never even know because they will be kept secret.
2016 will assuredly be a wild ride.


Cromulant Comments says:

i thought he was twice the age by his profile pic

Dimitri Vincheov (Truth Soldier 56) says:

lol, instant replay slow down

NH beach metaldetecting says:

keep up the great videos!!

See Canon says:

Another good one David. Are you smiling at the nay sayers? I am interested in some Canadian news about finances. Here in Texas everything is building up and I mean building. One would be fooled about jobs that hire 'contractors' and not 'employees'. BarryCare has murdered the a once great nation. I used to trade recipes now I trade ideas about food storage and making your own things. Not enough thanks David!

Josip Gorscak says:

Thx for sharing m8

Gerald Parker says:

You give such good advice and superb survey of the economy. I only would ask that you give a bit more coverage to how things are in Canada, not neglecting the U.S., by any means, but by referring to Canadian developments and impacts somewhat more often. Also, and this is more personal, I suppose, but it applies to many others, as well. Please give more attention and advice, from time to time, on how developments affect the elderly, like those on the verge of retirement or who are retired, their pensions and benefits, and that kind of thing. Happy New Year, my favourite econo-watching Canadian-Italian stallion!

hag12100 says:

Many currencies got weaker against the dollar as the Fed raised % (too symbolic, but I digress). The ECB continuation of their own QE's.

time 2awaken says:

Any person who uses critical thinking could see that the trend for Amerikkka was a downward one from the days of the Clinton administration to 9/11 . I mean really. Americans were sold out when Clinton claimed that his free trade agreement with China would create jobs in Amerikkka and it had the exact opposite effect. Lying scum bag yet Amerikkka s live this Clinton bitch. Next 9/11 , do you really think that the US Government killing its own citizens and the lame stream media lying about it was a good thing? Yet Amerikkkans just ate it all up. The people of this country are going to pay a high price for their inaction on issues like 9/11 and more. Enjoy your demise Amerikkka. I know I will

cleo says:

I shared your video.  This is a good one.  Thumbs up!   (307 to 3)

Meio Jo says:

This is the first time I have seen this fellows face… his voice is so pensive. I have never met a middle eastern looking fellow who speaks in such a way and I live in D.C. where we have people from all over the world.

Love your work and thanks for the expansion of my exposure to cultural wonderment ;)

Paige Eubanks says:

Wall Street/Walmart.
I like your beard

Martin says:

Can you make an audiobook version of your book for audible.com?

Socialist Central Committee says:

Hey Dave! It is nice to see your face more often. Spammers don't show themselves; they try to remain anonymous. Showing yourself increases psychological credibility among the viewership. It demonstrates you are willing to take personal ownership of your views. Keep up the good work.

John Barleycorn says:

This is indeed a bad start, there is no way for the financial media complex to spin it as otherwise.

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