Website Design Tutorial For Beginners

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Learn how to make a website. This video goes step by step thru the process of creating a simple web page using HTML and CSS. This tutorial is based on XHTML version 1.0 and CSS 2.1.

Link to the code used in the video:



very gorgeous to creat background css

Ajit Sharma says:

I like these tutorial, Excellent…….

dora milovic says:

you are a light for us…thanks brother….make more videos for 2015 please

dora milovic says:

we like your videos….we want more actuals videos for 2015 do a humain job help also people who want to learn and get some job …thanks brother.god bless you and wish you healthy and success…please make some actual videos please

vincent albert says:

awesome I like this

Sanjay Stephens says:

Hey youtube please check out my designs am just starting web design

Dirk Argyle says:

Very nice tutorial! Is this already responsive?


really good thanks for the tutorial is very helpful keep it up. and I will buy your products…

boostry123 says:

At the place you placed the one tow three links why did you use a list? cant you just simply do <a href….> without the <ul><li> ?

Debela Fekadu says:

I like these tutorial very much!!!

Zoe K says:

Is a web design high school course useful for a computer science or IT major in college?

noha 'hane says:

excellent … thank u very much .. it really help me

Jose Noriega says:

Excellent!! Very nice!!! Thanks a lot for sharing these tutorials! They really help!!

Jerry Hicks says:

Fantastic. Thanks.


Thank you for the video series. They really helpful.

Pradipti Pal says:

Just the right stuff for beginners. Thanks and I would love to see more of these videos.

Abed Elkassih says:

Thanks, Please keep it coming.

Guelord Mubenga says:

really usefull info thanks

Иван Иванов says:

I want to tell the big "THANKYOU" for your work! Greeting from Russia! 😉 you are helping me to do both – lern English and learn the Webdesign at one time!

Mr Incredible says:

wow. great job ! you didn't even need the POISITION property.
Yes, guys. it's just an introduction. the real work is much more complex.

Susan Perkins says:

Great Tutorial!

Talking Giraffe says:

Omg.. tutor4u is the best.. Google brought me here.. I love your Blender videos.. I didn't know about CSS.. Nice!

Sünden Bock says:

thx a lot :D

Kabilan Cp says:

Its Simple and looks easy to learn, thanxs ….

Joshua Akpos says:

though am new to webdesign with this it look easy unlike how my friend told me its so so difficult

Radical Reflex says:

It is very useful tutorial.

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