Pseudoscorpion Zoology (Ireland)

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Neobisium, in Carraig ui Leighin, Ireland, with pseudoscorpion anatomy and biology. ARACHNID


Raciepie says:

They are SO CUTE

Armored MOOse says:

It's hard to watch videos like these before taking a shower

Sinful Undertale Trash (TheAnnoyingDog) says:

Aww so cute

Nolan15x says:

Lol looking at all the comments I'm not the only one I live in canada and I found one of these I was like wtf is that I was scared and Thought I found some new species Yeah I thought it was a tick with claws 

wowhamba says:

We do not sow.

Charles Stephen says:

@1:171:19: The function of these "feelers" at the end of the chelicerae moveable fingers is actually well-known: they spin silk.

Koit Summatavet says:

Found one in Estonia

zergmare7 says:

Oh no… TheAeitherNinja I too live in Oregon, but I would like these guys because they are beneficial

curseoroyal00 says:

I had read about them when I was quite young and spent many long hours searching for them (in grass usually, I was a bit unimaginative :P). I only recently saw one in my bathtub a couple years ago and was stricken by such awe that I watched the minute creature for well over an hour. The only reason I stopped observing it was the fact that I sneezed and sent the poor little critter shooting off onto my bathroom floor someplace.
That's my story, thanks for reading it. C=

SamVision says:

What is with the somber music?

Quaoar Power says:

Yes. I would buy the proper marine aquarium setup for that sucker.

Doge Skeptik says:

if you could acquire an Ordovician or Silurian Eurypterid (sea scorpion) would you?

UntitledFateFilms says:

All of the intro music is awesome.

certifedWB6 says:

fyi i was like 13 or 14

certifedWB6 says:

i seen one one time when i lived in maine in this old 200 year old house…….i swear im not retarded but i thought some girl gave me crabs lol i know hilarious now but i was freaked out

Ghosthunter says:

But they're pretty cute.If i were to catch one i would definitely be careful with it.

Nitori Kawashiro Fanclub says:

They're far too small, though.

You could easily lose one.

Sheogorath ann marie says:

the Pseudoscorpion seems friendly like jumping spiders but its not a jumper although the name has scorpion It does not mean it should have a tail on its back the Pseudoscorpion in my opinion in awesome thanks for showing me this video 🙂

Ghosthunter says:

I want that as a pet.

AppleSasuke says:

Well, he did say they're all over the world… So it's likely that yes, they're in Northern Ireland.

Kean Darakhshandeh says:

u, sir, make me lose brain cells at the witnessing of your moronic assumptions. GET AN EDUCATIONS DUMBASS!!!

FixitifityMovies says:

YAY scorpions are arachnid!

TheAeitherNinja says:

he said oregonian. i'm in oregon. I'm screwed

dapowerfulmastermind says:

i saw at least three on a tree!

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