Illustrator Tutorial | Graphic Web Design (Splash)

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This video tutorial will show you some graphic designing techniques like drop shadow and blending modes moreover how to make a cool background or wallpaper using create gradient mesh tool in Adobe Illustrator. Finally you can create a beautiful vector web design template.




exodus says:

Whats the song?

mujeeb rehman says:

in start of the video how to make a color box and icon on the left side

Eric Bluezummers says:


katerine troncoso poblete says:

hi, your video is fantastic, but the final step with picture i don't result. why?

Randall Sandberg says:

The music is nice. But it doesn't make a tutorial

saima iram khan says:

u r the rock dude

ESKEEMO02 02 says:

how do you view the colors panel on the left side of the screen?

Gharbi Baha Eddine says:

Really nice work, thx very much for sharing.
A small issue though. The download link is not working because it's generating too much traffic, so would you share on another platform, that would be great.

Bukhari Vahab says:

hello kaukab..
i just liked your facebook page..
please give me your personal facebook link so i can send you friend request.
thank you bro for this tutorial.
keep it up.

Dawn W says:

Thank you and for the AI file too!  Very nice.

bengtig77 says:

I used a .jpeg image of a water splash in black background and used the transparency screen option but it didn't remove the black background, yours completely blended with the your background. What format of the water splash picture did you use ?

NÏel Abbes says:

i love your color choice in each tutorial  
Waht is your secret?! ^_^ (kuler?)

Mahmoud Nasr says:

ummmmmmm can you attach Illustrator direct link?

Icon 1 says:

Beautiful tutorial, thank you!

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