TheLazyPeon’s PC Setup, Equipment And Editing Software

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I’m asked time and time again “What PC Setup do you have?” “What Software do you use for making videos?” so I finally decided to make a video to show you all my equipment, PC specs and what software I use, hopefully this should answer all questions.

—Music In Order—

1: Kevin Macleod – Scheming Weasel
2: Kevin Macleod – Sneaky Snitch
3: Cruzo – Epic Sax Guy Remix


My Main PC –
My Old PC –

In this video I show you what my PC setup looks like as recently I’ve got myself a high end gaming PC with an NVidia 980ti Graphics Card, I tell you about what recording equipment I use and what software I use for recording, editing and making videos on YouTube.

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TheLazyPeon’s PC Setup, Equipment And Editing Software


Wannabe Gandalf says:

holy fucking shit them screens tho

Weall says:

Before watching this : I'd love to be a youtuber ! After this video : Well … guess i'm not gonna start a youtuber channel.

Wrekt says:

I very baldly need to upgrade my gaming equipment. Its actually embarrassing to say what I use but everything I do on my channel is all done on an old Asus Core i7, Navidia 680M, windows 7 Laptop (heck even wow says my computer is outdated lol) its absolutely horrific lol, I'm actually investing in a custom built gaming Pc this year so I'll definitely be happy with that. Great video as always :)

hirumaredx says:

I never thought of using after effects to make still images. Thats brilliant!

MichaelKarasik57 says:


nice spelling Peon!

Q'uo Daax says:

You just got a raise in prestige… you're a Nikonian!

Momo Loco says:

hahhaha lol i got a new pc on chriostmass just so happend to have the same case :DDD

Hammerfest Gaming says:

Damn, calling that overkill was an understatement

Zach Plays P.C. says:

scowered the comments for a while but no one seems to ask.. where did you get that desk bro can't find it lol

Forever Alone says:

Nice setup, but i'm sorry a Gaming mouse wont make's you a better player .. also when WoD came out Blizzard removed like 20% of each class spells and they are planing to remove another 20% in Legion there will be no need for the extra buttons at all .

_Net_K_You _ says:

How can people say gamers are not happy?

Lipcsei Peti says:

damn i want that pc D:

BoomyPlaysWoW says:

Dude all those pc's are just a waste of money. srsly 5 or 6 pc's that you use for editing and playing and wut?

High-Warlord Rexyn says:

Holy fuck… That must have cost literally thousands…

Cesar “Isaac” Perez says:

Awesome set up. Reminds me of College…

Shaun Vetovich says:

How loud does your fan get on when you're gaming? I have the same Corsair liquid cooling and it keeps my PC temps down but the fans rev up like crazy.

Alex's Vlogs says:

Can someone tell me please if this is good for mc,cs:go etc.

CPU:AMD FX 6300 Black Edition
CPU Cooler:BeQuiet!Pure Rock
Graphics card:AMD RADEON R9 380 4GB
Motherboard:Gigabyte 970A-DS3P
Sound card:Onboard 7.1 Audio

Stormfury Gaming says:

What program do you use to compress your videos or do you just upload 2 gig vids

Eric Jung says:


NumberWann says:

Hi, nice setup! Think you could share with us your Sony Vegas proces, from the start, recording with ShadowPlay till uploading? I have been following many editing and Sony Vegas rendering guides but I get shit quality youtube videos 🙂 Thanks in advance.

domy domyz says:

Ok, now tell me why i can't have a gaming monster like yours :I (without goin' to work, obviously)

Dickey Dickson says:

The Yogscast uses pretty badass mics, not sure what they're called though

Wolfy says:

What monitors do you use?

alexandro olzzon says:

I'm so jealous of your main pc

Ian says:

What do you use the camera for? Seems like a lot of money to spend on something you'd only use on 5% of your videos

Owen Monno (Monno1213) says:

your cable management is disgusting and killed me on the inside

jamvng says:

Why haven't you updated to Windows 10 yet?

SomeoneAndGhost says:

This video is not sponsored by NVIDIA.

Thegamingpup Official says:

Dat cable management doe!

Super intense Dr. Speedwagon says:

how much would that computer cost?

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