“The Level Design Process” (Design Talk)

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Join Psychoduck for a discussion of the process behind level design in this first installment of our design talk series.

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Production Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound: http://www.epidemicsound.com

Intro Music by Akmigone

Video Topic by Psychoduck & The Fated Fire
Video editing and commentary by Psychoduck


ArcticWolf says:

cool video isnt this from the sprint series 🙂 i am making Halo 5 vids on my channel and just few days ago i hit 200subs so check it out halo fans if you want

chris winter says:

Now we need horde modes or base defence modes with bots to see how good a fortress you can forge and keep hordes of enemies coming from drop ships like 'a full on invasion. 5 to 9 Players and bots vs not just waves but an invasion force of 25 enemies plus air forces every 1 to 3 minutes.

I love forge 343 could make a very solkid RTS like XCOM style triple the scale, build your HQ Or CC. up while establishing FOBs and trying to attack or decide to defend and were to allocate resources, run ops to open or protect supply lines. Im a little off subject perhaps.

oneupadvanced says:

Is there any way you can talk about how to make an asymmetrical map?
I feel like making symmetrical maps are a lot easier balance wise, but how do you go about making a good asymmetrical map? What are some guidelines to making a fun to play asymmetrical map?

Trickstar Elite says:

Legit! working on a blizzard train map atm,
How do you become a level designer,Vs, an environmental artist
I can easily put 20 hours into a forge map and use up all the rescorces haha

oneupadvanced says:

this is exactly the type of video i was looking for to get me started on halo 5 forging. When the update came out i was soo overwhelmed and suddenly i felt like every map idea i had wouldn't work out. I gotta take simple steps like the ones mentioned here for map design, i wanna make something worth playing

Sun Tzu says:

I think its pretty funny how you show how much work went into a truly abysmal midship remake. That map isnt the slightest bit fun. There isnt a single spot on the map that I am ever GLAD to be in, and moving about the map seems detrimental because of how easy it is to 'hold up' in power spots like pink 2, and carbine 2.

Fucking symmetrical maps dont always have to be shit, not sure why 99% of them end up that way.

Unsorted Gaming says:

I hope there is a good system to find new and good maps in H5. And mabye even Link gamemodes with the maps.

adeadlystorm says:

Any other people at forgehub that can narrate these videos? Psycho is fairly stale, slow and boring to listen to. Very dry. I want the moisture.

Idio says:

Now, more than ever, I sense that you sound intensely similar to Carl Sagan; your calm way of talking, and way of speech, just make it an uncanny similarity.

ChewyNutCluster says:

No offense, Duck, but I always felt your videos were missing something…

Fortunately now, though, I know what that one thing was: a beautiful piano score to complement that voice of yours.

Sam Graham says:

Nice intro video, not much meat to this video though, a lot of philosophy. You should get right into specifics like how the new jump distances and weapon range changes affect the game now. Also go over the new weapons

Vehement Ira says:

Very informative video Duck, usually when I forge I wing everything. Also a Great start to the Design Talk series guys. Looking forward to future videos.

PianoFrenzyHD says:

So in this video I saw Zac Efron and Vsauce3…

PandaRecruit says:

Loved this video, can't wait for forge to come out!

Liam Hobbs says:

Awesome way to spend a part of my evening!

TheGamerwithThreeFirstNames says:

Keep up the good work ForgeHub, personally speaking I think this series should be an ongoing thing, i'm not kidding this is a very creative series that I personally want to see consistently on my video feed. I love this, again keep up the good work.

Nick Dalzell says:

He's calling you out squally

Joseph Herstal says:

I really like these more 'mature' design talk videos, I hope there will be more in the future. As for map design science I heard that it is essential to create a 'center' for any map you make… will there possibly be a video on this topic? Thanks.

Kyle Warren says:

Furthermore, to quote Alina Wheeler, "design is intelligence made visible". Design is a slow, evolving, and iterative process. It's based on experimentation, objective observation, and problem solving. Level design is a never ending learning process, and the challenges vary drastically across different projects and games depending on intended gamemode/gametype, feature set, movement mechanics, weapon sandbox, time to kill, and various other pillars of a game's overarching gameplay design.

ScoutSpartan06 says:

"Forging may be an art, but design is a science." -ThePsychoduck, 2015

Love it.

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