Software Pirates Worried That DRM Will Make Cracking Games Impossible! – GS News Update

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Infamous software pirates predict that in two years games will be too difficult to pirate due to advanced DRM security measures.

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Miisho says:

My friend who always pirates hasn't been able to get an emulator for 3DS. I'm glad that this stuff is getting better.

Grant Jarman says:

but also people with bad internet wont play games because they wont work

Harry Barng says:

DEV seriously should have focused on optimizing the game before any of the encryption thing happened.

Narek Avetisyan says:

That's ridiculous. There's never gonna be an uncrackable DRM.
And as for DRM locking a product that you buy and own, that should be constituted illegal.

TheNightmare12 says:

Fuck DRM, its just make everything SLOW.

christien pennanen says:

honestly once DRM becomes perfect we start to get better games again. this pay to win selling 50 percent of a game bullshit is in place because in order to attract a mainstream crowd who doesn't know how to or won't pirate game it has to be easy to digest

Xboxshqip says:

Keep telling yourself that, piracy will never end.

animehbkscm says:

Do they think we are that dumb? IF this was really said by a cracking group they were paid by someone to say it just so big companies have an excuse to keep DRM and make it even more annoying. What would the cracking group win from these declarations apart from destroying their reputation if they weren't paid. Come on people, think a bit.

BlackMasamune X says:

The key is stopping pirates and not screwing with paying customers.

Stinkyremy says:

what is this shit! who the fuck are the crackers, nosteam cracked it simple, its on tpb already. this is bullshit.

boo dead says:

The stupid irony of drm is that the more restrictions a game has the less people want to play it. And then more people just play the pirated version.

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