(NEW 2015) Relativity Theory, Space Time! New Science Documentary 2015!

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Welcome to another awesome documentary. This documentary allows us to take a deeper insight into Relativity and also Space time.
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Greg Jay says:

Relativity- WRONG Standard model – WRONG

Electric Universe? RIGHT

The Artist @ Soul Jiu-Jitsu says:

It's also not as long. The video is doubled. Sadly, this is all very old news.

Anthony Vincent says:

Just speculating, the universe expanding does not mean it all happened in one big bang. Each galaxy could have spontaneously come into existence on it's own, mini big bangs that create galaxies within one single universe that contains everything in existence. If true it would invalidate the current multiverse theory but it makes more sense to me. Just a thought.

Spoder Man says:

Doesn't seem to have anything to do with relativity

Michael Miller says:

Several parts stop, then repeat. In any case, thanks for posting this.

Fransamsterdam says:

What the fuck is new? Bull Shit!

Tommy Meyer says:

I see NEW 2015 in the title, so I know it's at least 5 years old

Rick Kaiser says:

WE live within a Cellular Universe of unknown quantities of Cellular Universes within the Cosm of Micro-Cosmological Mechanical Quantum Synergies just now being contemplated.

Jesus Christ says:

For the first time in mankind's history we can Know how life fundamentally works. This is the Truth science will say is true. This is truth the evidence suggests, truth you can and should check for yourself. If you are seeking the answers to life's biggest questions. Google Truth Contest and read the top entry. What is said will turn this world right side up, you will know what I mean when you read the first page.

Alec Tric Foxx says:

Remember, please : You are on a planet. Call it what you want, you are alive on this planet.

Excellency Dedanoe Brutal Unlishnidaos says:

what do you mean hundreds of billions of stars ??? how do you define "star" is it somewhat different from the mathematical definition for it ??? i say sun is inferno PLANET and earth is magneto star with north-south pole axis being common secant for all the elliptic equipotentials of earth's magnetic field which is neither electric nor gravitational but it is leverian magnetic field. and why do you say space and TIME when TIME is not clearly defined ever since the beginning of the physics courses in classical mechanics ??? i don't have sense for time except the MIG now.

Chithra Ravindran says:

developing deep insight,Lord's long arms embracing the entire universe.There is nothing other than this.

Jez Fumbles says:

Click whore troll bait. Fag, no like for u no easy fag cash

John F Hendry says:

Relative to an Initial Inertial Frame of Reference there is only one Observer: O=E. Call it what you like… Life's Mass has always existed and always will exist. The speed of light is created by Mass Oscillation and is Life's pendulum and it's rate of Mass oscillation connected to time is fixed and time dilation does not change that fact. Sorry Professor, you have no one to blame but yourself for doing such a good job in describing what the equation for the Unified Field Theory must do: create the first particle via the 4 forces and keep on going which exposed Life's particle making clock and the realization that the weak force must have asymmetry. Credit goes to SLAC's E158 team for supplying it's ratio value which adds one hour every thousand years.

The weak force is an oscillator. Consciousness has Mass as I believe Rosalind Franklin discovered explaining why she was withholding the DNA's X-Ray. We see the photon move just as we see the Sun rotate around the Earth… and the observation is reference frame dependent. History repeats itself unless something very unusual stops it which would require an asymmetry of some type added and the next step in physics is made by accepting what the photon's non-moving clock tells us. Both views of the Sun and the photon are real, but one is an illusion we rely on in our daily affairs and the other is a technical fact.

The neutrino has a function in Nature in providing the photon's needed force carrier space separating the weak force from the strong force and this is easy to prove if you can do (very) simple math thanks to CERN and SLAC that created the needed data. The neutrino is not a true antiparticle as once thought but it certainly can appear like that because it is an empty shell of transfer space left over stuck in time where it separates the weak force from the strong force. And because E=T where time like energy must be conserved it has an asymmetric partner not yet observed outside of the theory that supports it connected to the other elements of the theory have been verified… explaining well known mysteries. The asymmetry of the weak force is exposing the cause of gravity despite in all likelihood it is also confusing those holding a loose cable seeing that it's asymmetrical subtrahend of 0,20e-5 sec. in 453.6 light speed miles does not match the value of G. But the gravity created is just as real as Universal gravity outside the area of separation and as stated many years ago the two cannot mix their phase timing of force but that is a post for a later date so as not to repeat the same mistake twice as the truth like glue sets up and hardens.

Related to the discussion of Time… in Sept 2011 CERN shocked the world when CERN's scientists announced that if their measurement following Fermilab's less accurate observations of muon neutrinos moving @ (v-c)/c=2.48e-5 sec. in 453.6 miles was correct then Einstein was wrong. The same guy who was "wrong" when he refused to accept the uncertainty principle and use dice to make measurements. And if you are paying attention to what's going on in astronomy then you know it is being said he was "wrong" again. Truth is he just wasn't finished with the equation E=mc2 and the E158 data he needed providing the ratio of weak force asymmetry to add was not available until 2004

Here's a copy of some simple calculations handed to the director of LIGO regarding CERN's “Superluminal” Neutrino Abnormality announced September 2011 @ (v-c)/c=2.48e-5 sec in 453.6 miles.

They show using basic math that CERN's Muon phase neutrinos @ (v-c/c)=2.48e-5 sec in 453.6 miles match SLAC's E158 asymmetry of the weak force ratio @ 2.48e-5 sec in 453.6 miles creating an asymmetry in time of 20e-5 sec. A year after this was shown on Nature's Forum next to CERN's scientists trying to figure out why their data was showing Einstein was wrong if it were correct SLAC went back over their BaBar experiment's data and confirmed "looking at it differently) time has asymmetry. Of course… gravity is real.

Open up a calculator and it's easy to follow along. "{a}" is the algebraic symbol of the value in effect of WF Asy:

Weak Force Asymmetry {a} adds 1hour/3600 seconds every 1000 years: Re: SLAC E158 "using clocks". Muon Neutrino's do not exceed the speed of light because they were created at the SOL. Einstein was right, not wrong:

3600sec / 1000 years = 3.6 seconds WF Asy {a} added in one year. So we put that into the speed of light distance because space is relative to time. They are one and the same outside the atom.

3.6 sec x 186282 (speed of light) = 670615.2 which is the {a} WF asy in distance added to the speed of light in one year so….

670615.2 / 365.2425 days in a year = 1836.082055072999 is the {a} WF asy SOL distance added to speed of light in one day

1836.082055072999 / 24 hours = 76.50341896137498 is the {a} WF asy time/distance added to speed of light in one hour

76.50341896137498 / 60 minutes = 1.275056982689583 is the {a} WF asy added to speed of light in one minute

1.275056982689583 / 60 seconds = 0.021250949711493 is the {a} WF asy added to speed of light in one second

Now if the Earth were bigger and CERN's neutrinos had traveled a little over 186282 miles (one second + WF Asy gained @ SOL) we would be done, but since they only traveled 453.6 miles we need to keep going till we get to the amount of {a} added in 453.6 miles. So we divide the miles light travels in one second by the miles CERN's neutrinos traveled.

86282 miles or one second/453.6 miles, the percentage of a one second gain which is = 410.6746031746032

Now we divide it into the WF Asy one second gain from above (.021250949711493 )

0.021250949711493 / 410.6746031746032= 5.174644243208279e-5

That just gave us the total forward and back total neutrino oscillation WF Asy {a} time gained in 453.6 miles. Now notice it is almost exactly double CERN's 2.48e-5 sec SOL gain announced Worldwide before the politics SLAC ignored stepped in.

So pay attention because the next two simple calculations dividing it in half and using CERN's 2.48e-5 as a forward arrow "stopping point" to add the .10e-5 sec remaining difference to the other half to make it fit is a game changer from the "dice" (uncertainty principle) to two sided cards (two oscillation arrows connected to time) because CERN's data matching SLAC's E158 ratio shows time has a reverse Mass oscillation phase arrow direction, and that means the neutrino has an asymmetric reverse direction partner that measures a little bigger than the neutrino giving time an asymmetry. And note the specific and exceptionally long SOL distances that create the asymmetry of the weak force ratio SLAC's E158 team measured. Add to that I had been quoting the E158 data for years after finding it and expected it to match like this to add the asymmetry to space calling it a lesser diesis harmonic comma and you can see this was no coincidence. (This was written before SLAC went back over their BaBar data and confirmed the asymmetry in time giving the discovery a sigma 14 level of certainty in Nov 2012.)

5.174644243208279e-5 /2 = 2.58732212160414e-5 sec

That gave us the forward arrow of time WF Asy gain in 453.6 miles that is .10e-5 sec over CERN's 2.48e-5 sec in CERN's equation @ (v-c)/c=2.48e-5. So we subtract the difference:

2.58e-5 – 2.48e-5 = .10e-5 sec

And add it to the other half: 10e-5 + 2.58e-5 = 2.68e-5 giving the second reverse arrow an asymmetry in time of .20e-5 sec, the difference in size of the forward arrow @ 2.48e-5

2.68e-5 – 2.48e-5 = .20e-5 sec

So using basic math we see that CERN's muon neutrinos @ (v-c)/c = 2.48e-5 sec in 453.6 miles creates an asymmetry in time (Einstein's Comma) of .20e-5sec just as I predicted it would simply by using CERN's forward arrow gain of 2.48e-5 sec to shopw where we "fold" space and SLAC's E158 ratio that fits filling in the second reverse Mass oscillation arrow with 2.68e-5 sec. If you add an asymmetry to time you must end up with one and to create gravity it must occur in the second half so the rever arrow is a little longer. This shows Gravity is caused by the subtrahend of the electromagnetic wave where one side points up relative to the observer and the other side points down. Gravity is created by the remaining weak force asymmetry gained in the second reverse arrow of time with the forward arrow measuring 2.48e-5 sec in 453.6 miles.

If it were wrong the numbers wouldn't say it was correct and someone would have corrected it in the last 4 years.

BTW, I left something quite startling and important out related to the effect of weak force asymmetry in both physics and astronomy for a very good reason. I should have waited a few months after CERN's Sept 2011 announcement to show what caused it so the politics would not have tried to hide the solution not that it stopped SLAC from confirming the asymmetry in time exposed by the E158/CERN data match. But then again anyone following my work over the years would know what caused it so I had no choice if I wanted credit for the discovery in a world too often controlled by greed and a desire for power. Lucky for all of us that requires knowledge.


northwindl says:

calling b.s. on this one… essentially a two hour commercial for telescopes.

Ian Hirsimaki says:

+bassotronics. if that would be the case then no project would ever finish because every time a new technology came along you would abandon the current one. im also sure they incorporate new tech in little facets of it.

Paul Noon says:

its really frustrating that people do this

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