Let’s Play Software Inc Alpha 7 – Part 2

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Oh no, this could be the end!

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Andrew Dahl says:

lol I love how you close the marketing box then call it a bug. You closed it without starting the campaign, it's not a bug…

Gabe Who says:

This kids, is why you shouldn't get cocky and go all in without that much backup money$$$

sonnyboh says:

make a visual tool called pic-a-boo

Spierstheamazing HD says:

+Flabaliki are you going to go back to fTunes and fMovie

Katy Colbert says:

The dramatic music was BEAUTIFUL!

Andrew Dahl says:

The second half of this video seems like it's sped up about 10%…

Birdie McChicken says:

You might want to move the parking lot because some asshole keeps parking right in front of the door so that everybody else has to climb over his bonnet to get inside!

Nordkiinach says:

I laughed my ass off when you finally realised you're Edgey Corp lol. First you were like Edgey Corp pff… 10 secons later, "AM I EDGEY CORP!… Okay…" lol you made my day Flabs! Thanks!

DudeGaming says:

Is it me or is the car blocking the door near the end

DudeGaming says:

If you make a webbed bace game call it flabaliki simulatior 2016

Brandon Kirk says:

Put your mouse over the smile face beside the "fans" .. it'll say what they liked and dislike from your company. :)

Piper V. says:

The marketer was saying there was no bathroom, what is she thinking it's right there!

TFGP - Gaming, Nightcore & More! says:

Game name suggestion: Flabs City

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